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Monday, September 1, 2008

This Kid

Ward (church) swim party? check
8 pieces of watermelon, 1/2 pound of grapes, and some chips? check
3 adults forcing him into a life preserving swim suit? check
15 minutes of him screaming "Get me out mommy! Get it off!" check
One rescue from the deep end with him hanging onto the edge yelling "Help! Help!" check
One rescue from the spa when he lost his footing and went under? check
After said rescue, asked "Are you having fun swimming? Do you want to get back in?" Him saying "Ya!" and jumping back in? check
15 minutes with another mommy (Thanks Marcie) in the pool saying "No! Noooo!"? check
A somewhat stressed time for me? Of course.


  1. It is funny how I can handle things so much better when it isn't my child I am dealing with. Keep up the good work it will all pay off in the end. Or will it (refering to my Zach :->)?

  2. Ed is a Ryan and Karrie but worse
    OH MY

  3. Don't cha just sweat bullets when it comes to big swim parties like that? It makes me so stinkin' nervous.

  4. No matter what he does he is so stinkin cute. But Ed is definitely one of those children that can save the planet or destroy it. Let's hope cooler heads prevail and he chooses the former and not the latter. We'll be in good hands.