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Friday, September 12, 2008

What's going on right now

Sometimes nothing exciting or cute is going on, and I'm grateful. But here is what we are up to.

Ryan- waiting for an inspection on the house. After this next inspection, (Sometime next week) he will be able to put the floor sheeting on. (I think it's actually "sheathing" but it sounds like sheeting.) But since this is our "let's live in a trailer and build our dream house" house, we are doing things a little above and beyond. So before the floor sheeting goes on, he is going to put in "sleepers" and then fill the floor joist cavities with cellulose insulation. That's to keep the house better insulated. Every little thing to help keep the cost of being comfortable low.
Me- too, too much, and it's all my own fault. Mostly. I am taking one English class, and I'm hating it. I'd rather be doing at least five other things I can think of. It's good for me, because it is teaching me how to analyze literature, but I hate it. Apparently I'm good in English ONLY if it is writing research papers or editing papers for grammar and sentence structure. I'm horrible with lit. I am going to work in Kacy's classroom for an hour a week, and I'm excited. I have my church responsibilities- I'm the first counselor in Primary. That can be both fun and exasperating. I'm not going to complain too much, but honestly, what were they thinking asking three of us, all with new babies and other kids, to be in charge of Primary? Then of course there is laundry, cooking, sweeping, and my wonderful children. I decided I am going to just be really mean (strict) with Ed, even if it kills me, for two weeks. Ryan said "Why two weeks?" Well- by the end of two weeks he will either be improving or he'll be the same (or worse) and I can't keep it up that long. So if he's better, I can be nicer again. If not, it'll just be one of those wait and pray things. An "It's just a phase" things.
Kacy- loves school. I'm so happy she is enjoying herself. She has been eating lunch at school, and although I'm sure it's more expensive for school lunches, I like the idea that she is trying new foods. The fastest way to learn to eat different foods is to have no other choices when you are starving.
Will- is working on his fine motor skills. He has a homework book and we work in it for 10-15 minutes a day, tracing lines and doing mazes. He LOVES being with Ryan. He touches everything. It's like a natural instinct- he reaches out and touches.
Ed- One smart cookie who has been getting away with too much because of that dimple and grin. No more. See above.
Jessie- getting another tooth I think, and has a bit of a runny nose. She can walk in her walker. It's really more of a pushing motion with both her feet at the same time, but she can move that thing all over her small little area to get by the person she wants. She loves toys, too.

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