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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dirty kids, an addiction, and adopting/adapting

#1- Why are my kids so dirty all the time? Today at the bus stop, I told Kacy to tie her shoes, because I was holding Jessie and could not. So she plopped down and her pink jeans looked like they hadn't been washed in years. Then we get ready to go to playgroup and the boys go outside before me. The dog was out, and between the boys and the dog, the boys ended up filthy and nasty in less than three minutes. My reputation is on the line! I either don't take notice that my kids are filthy, or I don't care. And the fact that I had a sweat shirt on and they didn't- it makes it look like I care more about my own comfort and hygiene than theirs. The complicated truth is that they didn't have sweat shirts on because the brand spankin' fresh laundry I did yesterday was covered in dog slime and dirt. So they were removed. The complicated truth is that I also just can't keep up with my kids. AND because I read other people's blogs and see these cute pictures of kids in the pumpkin patch with the girls hair all perfect, coordinating outfits, and no dirt anywhere on the boys makes me both envious and inadequate.

#2- I am considering taking a blog hiatus because I think I'm addicted to the Internet and spend more time with my computer than with my kids. It all started innocently enough- I was going mental with the cartoons my kids watch, so I busied myself with blogs. Now I'm intertwined with these lives of people, some of whom I've never even met, and I'm wasting time. I can't quit online completely because our playgroup is online, and well as my English class. But I'm gonna cut back.

#3-Go vote. Pick a side, and vote the way you feel is best. I've gotten just a smidgen of flack from both sides of Prop 8, and have also remembered some people who read this (or who will in the future) haven't ever met me, and only know me from my ramblings. So here's the naked truth about how I feel about it: I have decided not to be a fence sitter. As a law abiding and participating citizen of the state I live in, I have to make a choice between marriage between a man and a woman, or marriage between any two people. I am making the choice to vote for the man/woman marriage. Now, if it doesn't pass (I don't think it will...) I will not be upset. I will not make any outcries. I will not pull my kids out of public school. Funny thing about not getting your way is that it teaches to adapt. Not ADOPT, but adapt. I will not change my mind about WHY I am voting the way I am (adopting), but I might have to work harder as a parent to make sure my kids are taught what I believe to be right. I don't believe in drinking alcohol. Do I condemn my friends who do? Do I make a big deal out of it? Does it make me a bigot because I don't believe in drinking alcohol? Am I brainwashing my kids by teaching them not to drink? I say "No". I hate politics for this very reason: 90% of people cannot disagree on something, and still be friends. They can't argue without remaining rational. And on the issue, rationality has all but flown out the window. Okay, I think WAY too much. I'm going to Costco and buying ice cream.


  1. I totally agree, with all of it! Dirty kids- the dirt here sticks more than ANYWHERE I have ever lived, pumpkin patch dirt doesn't stick! The schools do have a choice in what they teach, and from what I hear, our district (which is not the same as Kern District) WILL still teach marriage is between a man and woman. Our children live in this world and in this time and will see it around them, so adapt is the right word.

  2. Grass is the answer. I have noticed a tremendous difference in Julia's cleanliness since we have moved away from the acre of dirt. I hate the dirt under the finger nails! I think kids should be able to experience playing in dirt-but maybe not everyday. Her clothes are a lot less muddy also.

    Pretty soon you'll have landscaping to go with that beautiful house.

  3. Okay - now that I posted that commit it is really long... sorry about that!!!

  4. I have a tendincy to really hate dirt - I think it is because I am somewhat lazy and dirty clothes means more work for me. But someone once told me that kids get dirty so get over it. I didn't really believe that until I had James - now I just deal with it. I don't think it makes you a bad mom - in fact I think it makes you a great mom because you let your kids be kids no matter how you think it makes you look as a mom. Good for you.

    I agree completely with your whole post - I tend to spend way too much time on the computer/tv instead of spending it with my kids. As we speak Kessa is coloring by herself and James is in his crib - both are awake and ready for attention but I am reading blogs and checking out Craigs list. I think I may take a break too - we can stand together.

    I really liked your last point also - how many times have we heard that if some one doesn't win or something doesn't pass people are moving to Canada. Someone has to be on the loosing side and the country still has to go forward. I do have to admit though that I am glad Colorado has already put Prop 8 in our constitution and I don't have to worry about it.

    One more thing and then I will let someone else leave you a commit - I have known you for a while (even if we haven't spoken to each other in many years) I know who you are and I think your kids are really lucky to have a mom like you. I would never take my kids on the hikes that you take them on and show them some of the things you take the time to. Your kids are happy, healthy and well cared for!!!

  5. If I let my kids outside more they would be dirty too! But as it stands our yard is full of sticker weeds and dirt, so I don't let them...hopefully this spring we will have grass!

    You are a good mother, don't ever doubt it!

  6. Don't think your kids are the only dirty kids around. My kids middle name is dirt. It doesn't matter if the area we are at is 99% grass they WILL find that 1% and get dirty. I have just learn to embrace it. Welcome to the dirty side :->.

  7. Please don't stop blogging entirely. I think you are hilarious and I love reading your take on things (this posting is a perfect example of that).

    About the dirt thing...don't you live in a big dirt patch? It's no wonder your kids are dirty, and rightfully so. So while you're looking at all these perfect pumpkin patch bloggers remember that most of them live in normal homes with normal front lawns, far removed from any real dirt. You are building your own house for goodness sakes! And their kids are probably dirty too...it just doesn't show up in photos :)

    I think we all have a tendency to compare our worst with everyone else's best. Here I am analyzing my pumpkin patch pictures and thinking, "Why don't I have cute Halloween bows in my girls' hair like so and so." It's all ridiculous and it needs to stop!

    And I totally hear you on the whole blog reading, time wasting thing. I had to cut my blog reader list in half because I was spending more time keeping up on the lives of strangers and their children than tending to my own. Like all good things it must be done in moderation.

    I'm still learning.

  8. Okay the dirt thing...it won't always be that way. I live in the same place my kids do and I am not always as dirty as them, which makes me think...someday they will grow up and be clean! Maybe...
    The voting...I have to go with what a friend of mine said a few weeks ago. If I do my best to do what the Lord expects I will be blessed. So no fence sitting and if it doesn't turn out the way I would like the Lord will give me the strength I need to continue to teach my children what is right.

  9. A-men to the addicted to the internet thing!

    Lovin' your blog... I need to forward it to Cami. She has one too!