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Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm scared and a little sickened

...about our country and the news media and Obama.
#1- our country is full of ungrateful, selfish brats. Is it really common thought that we deserve so much? We have SO MUCH. Electricity, running water, shopping malls, cars, fuel, food that is regulated for our safety, schools, daycare (because you know if you can't afford it, the gov't pays for it...) ah- the list goes on and on. I am so sick of the news saying that Americans are so dissatisfied with the way things are going. I am so sick of Obama saying "We need a CHANGE!" What kind of change do we need? Seriously- maybe because I'm totally wacky here in my little world, but I don't believe that every American deserves everything. I believe you should work for your stuff, and honestly, flat screen TV's and iPods don't count as stuff. (You know my hubby is in law enforcement, and he "gets to" go into houses sometimes to help the Sheriffs and he has said that he can not believe that people will live in nasty, dirty filth and claim to be poor, but have newer cars and plasma TV's and what appears to be four years worth of Tuesday DVD releases from Walmart.)
#2- News media- see above. They perpetuate it all.
#3- Scares the crap out of me (nice, eh?) that this man can't produce a birth certificate showing he was born in the US. I cannot enroll my kids in school without a REAL live birth certificate, yet he could very well be the president. No regard for the rules, so what is he gonna do as president? He wants to change everything Bush has done, so what's that? Let back in the terrorists and raise taxes? According to his tax plan those in the lowest tax bracket will make money from tax returns. ya- they won't pay any into the system because they don't make enough, AND they'll get a refund. No joke, not kidding.

Understand that I was raised with this background: You work hard, you move up. Spend wisely. Your car should never be worth more than your house. One grandpa built houses and farmed a little. My grandparents were frugal and made a little money on wise investments. My other grandpa served in the Navy during WWII and then started his employment with Standard Oil in the mail room. He and my grandma rented a room from a Russian lady in San Fransisco where the bathrooms and kitchen were down the hall. He stuck with it and retired from Standard Oil/Chevron as the Land Manager of the Western Division of the USA. He talked to me a few times about not being snotty about what job you have, that employment and self sufficiency is very important. My dad owns his own small business, and there was two years of my childhood that he didn't get a paycheck. We lived off of a small early retirement account that he had from quitting his job as a diesel mechanic foreman. He started working there when he was 17 or so and swept the floors. He left a foreman and then opened his own shop. He worked hard. (Too hard...) It infuriates me that hard workers are expected to pay for services for lazy people. And those who are genuinely poor, and TRYING to do their best, they will get help. Because most of us help each other out. Everyone I know would help a neighbor in a heartbeat if they were able. I was also raised in a church that has it's own welfare program, where members of the congregation donate money that goes into a food bank of sorts. This is then passed out in both food stuffs and sometimes cash to help those in a rough patch. We also have an employment system to help people find jobs. And it really seems to work well. No one is a "lifer" on this system because our church is all about being self reliant and getting out of/staying out of debt.

I think I'll quit the politics for awhile. Your getting this because I'm worried, and confused about how so many people can be so screwed up in their thinking. Yes- I may have just called you screwed up. Not really sorry- if you are going to vote for Obama I think you need to re-evaluate how much you like the Constitution. And screwed up if you think you deserve more than you do.

ONE more thing- did you know that you have to have parental consent to use a tanning bed if under the age of 18, but not to get an abortion? And that the clinic doesn't have to tell the parents or a relative? Again, does this make sense? CA is putting a proposition on the ballet to require parental/relative NOTIFICATION (not consent) of abortions. And opponents think this is hideous and violates rights of minors. This does not make sense. In case you were wondering, I am voting NO on all bond measures, NO on rehabilitating drug offenders with no jail time, and yes on marriage between one man and one woman, and yes on parental notification for abortions, and NO on mandatory "chickens spreading their wings" cages. And because I believe that McCain is a democrat and Obama is a Marxist/Socialist I will vote for McCain. I can live with a Democrat. A foreign born Marxist who wants to change everything about America? NO THANK-YOU.
I'm sending a Thank-you card to Bush. He has kept me safe. And given me tax rebates. Gracias!

Okay, I'm done and from now on it'll be about my kids, our house building, and what happens to us from day to day. Now, on to bathtime and my homework...


  1. Right there with ya sister!

  2. I so agree with you! My sister says that if Obama is elected she will quit her job. It won't be worth it for her to work because her paycheck will end up just going to taxes.

  3. You should send your blog entry to every news station, radio talk show person around! Amen to everything...We have a local measure here to fix the streets, what people don't realize it will raise the sales tax here for about 10 years. My beef is why should we be punished for bad government. They get plenty of our money and it is not my problem they can't manage it right, and then come begging me for more money...it doesn't make sense!!! I wonder how the chicken coup thing got on the ballot? That is the most retarded thing ever, I almost voted no on everything, with the exception of Prop 8, but then someone told me the abortion thingy was on the ballot, and my Dad told me to vote yes on 11, so I had to read everything, which I hate to do, but at least now I feel I voted correctly.

    I can't believe people are sucked into this Obama madness either. Not only is his citizenship in question, (how has the media has let this slide?), but he believes in infanticide, yes that's right, and teaching homosexual marriage and sex ed to Kindergartens, and all this other #@$%! I can't believe people believe him...he is literally the Anti-christ.

    My only prayer is that something major will happen before election day, and that the polls are all wrong!