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Thursday, October 16, 2008

An Incident with Crystal Lite

You know when you make Crystal Lite, and you pour the powder into the pitcher, and some of the invisible powder particles fly into your nose and it burns a little, and you can kind of taste it in the back of your throat? NO? It's just me then. Anyway, this happens to me all the time, unless I remember to turn my head a bit. Well, imagine that burn up the nose because the contents of eight Crystal Lite packages were strewn into the air and onto the floor of your kitchen (which also happens to be my living room and dining room, living in the trailer and all...). Where was I? Who did this? I was showering. Something I don't get to do often enough, and this is why. I get out of the shower, still wearing my towel (the smell gets my curiosity) and when I open the door, Ed had poured out all the packets onto the floor, and was starting on my baby formula. It was not pretty, it was not fun, and it took four Swiffer moppings to get it all. AND Ed somehow sustained a cut on the top of his foot and kept saying "Oww! Oww! Mom! It hurts!"... the cut was bleeding just a little, but it was covered in Crystal Lite. Ouch. Whatever. I suppose I should try to arrange my showers when my kids are unconscious (becuase of sleep, of course). Some might say, "You should put that stuff up higher!" and don't you think I would if I could? It could've been worse- peanut butter for example (so sorry for that clean up Eliza)!


  1. The day after we got our carpet, Spencer emptied 4 tubs of C.L in the living room. I was FURIOUS! I always breath OUT when I'm pouring it into the pitcher....The worst is the punchy flavors and you blow you nose all day with red comming out.

  2. Ah what the heck. Just sweep it up and let's have CL for lunch. Look on the birght side, Ed could have been twins.

  3. It is moments light your CL incident that make me want to give out Dust Busters at baby showers instead of cute blankets and onsies.

  4. Yeah I breathe out too...unless I forget. And you know what stinks? My husband is just as bad as the kids when it comes to spilling stuff (but at least he doesn't do it with an evil grin).