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Monday, October 27, 2008

Look at me! Look at me!

I am not a "Look at me!" person- and it's a little silly that these two pictures have me in them. But I was working (this "work" was not hard, but like laundry, is tedious. My feet hurt after a few hours and the sun was a bit much. But, it wasn't hard.), and Ryan was the one taking the pictures. So was his dad- it was a complete role reversal while they were waiting for Cherie and I to get the insulation going. And, I will admit that it is completely unnerving to have people just start taking your picture. Now I know how annoying that can be, but that's not going to stop me from doing it. This is the cellulose insulation. It's messy stuff. Clean in the way of no fumes, no chemicals. It's all recycled, and I'm so GREEN. I like this picture because of the background- check out the sage in bloom. It's the most vibrant yellow!

Ryan shot this from up on the stairs. You know that weird metal structure in the middle of our house? (See below...) It is the skeleton of a floating staircase that wraps around a fireplace. Ryan climbed up there and shot this- please ignore the construction mess in the background. All that foil insulation (that gave me a most awesome farmers tan!) is now covered up, and the grey cellulose insulation is covered by 1 1/8 inch plywood. We now no longer have to balance on the floor joists! Hey dad- If I were you I would seriously consider putting this foil stuff in the walls before you insulate- it adds an R-value of 9 to the walls, and you know the better the house is insulated, the less you have to pay. And grandma M- if you are reading this, I am this close (think of my thumb and pointer finger about 1/4 inch apart) to coming over to your house and checking out your attic for insulation. Your energy bill should NOT have been that much! I could seriously insulate your attic in a day.

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