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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our random going ons

***Kacy told me yesterday that the principal of her school is the boss of all the teachers, but she's a girl and should not be the PRINCipal, but the QUEENiple. Right on, sister.

***Took the girls to the doctor today (as well as Target, Walmart, the carwash, the bank...) and Kacy might have allergies with post nasal drip that is causing this nasty cough at night and in the morning. Her lungs are clear, so the doc said to give her Zyrtec (or the Target brand) and see if that helps. Jessie on the other hand had a rough week: a really high fever for 8 hours last Sunday, grumpy baby Thursday through Sunday afternoon, and then Tuesday I noticed she had crust coming out of her ears. Fluid stuff. So in she went today, and her right ear is infected, and the left is so bad the doc couldn't see the eardrum, and with the amount of fluid said her eardrum is probably perferated and will heal on it's own. She has antibiotics.

***A few days ago I saw a red tailed hawk fly up from the ground with a red racer snake in it's mouth. The snake was a good four to five feet long, and of course I didn't have my camera. It's like Wild Kingdom out here. And it reminded me of the Mexican flag, except I think that has an eagle and rattlesnake. Close enough.

*** Ryan came back from his Nevada trip. He cooked good food and explored old mines. Maybe pictures later.


  1. Kacy is my kind of girl! QUEENipal it is. How's the house comming along? Any house pics in the works? Hope Jessie feels better, ear aches were miserable for Trever, he still gets them. YUCK!

  2. We've got a "Queen"iple over here and I wish we had a Principle.

    I hope Kacy and Jessie get to feeling better soon. This time of year is aweful for allergies.

    This must be hawk "season" I saw 4 at my parents yesterday...Love the wild kingdom comment. I think that should be your new blog title when you get in the house and out of trailer life. :)

  3. Karrie I loved the comment you left on my blog about "get a gun you'll feel safer." You crack me up. I think you need to tell your Queenipal what Kacy said. It will make her day.