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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our sub-floor, explained

That shiny stuff between the floor joists is Reflectix foil backed bubble wrap. It is a great radiant heat barrier, and in a floor like this gives an R-value of 14. Up on a roof it is 9, and around walls is 8. It's very thin (less than a 1/4 inch?) and easy to work with. Let me tell you from my personal experience that this stuff is RE-FLEC-TIVE. You know those old tanning thingies that you can hold so your neck gets tan? NO? (Never used one myself, just saw on TV) Or a solar oven? Or even the front windshield sun blockers? That's similar to this stuff. I am tan! The hardest part of this project is balancing on the floor joist, and then squatting up and down, and up and down.
Here is just part of the sub floor, to show the sleepers Ryan and his dad put in. The foil stuff sits on top of this. Yesterday Ryan ran a line so we could have an ice maker. We have not had ice in over two years. The first year of trailer life I attempted, but we just don't have the room, so I gave up completely. Plus we have more mouths to feed= less freezer space. It's the little things! Anyway, as of right now, all this is filled with that foil stuff, and tomorrow morning I'm supposed to start stapling it all down. Not really excited about being back up on those floor joists. But it's almost the last day. Friday we are supposed to put on the sub floor and blow in cellulose insulation. It was breezy today, and if it's that windy on Friday, we will have to postpone. Or think of something different.
Our helper Jessie- this was to keep her safe from the boys. I tried keeping her in the stroller with shade, but she quickly let me know that was unacceptable. Today she sat on our picnic blanket in the shade while we worked. And can I just say that my boys are the filthiest kids on the planet when they are made to watch us work for four hours? They are gross. I patted Ed's head and dust came up out of it. Oh! And I have to document two moments of maturity for our boys. The first was with Will. George got out of his cage this morning before we woke up, and got into yesterdays trash. He spread plastic bags and labels everywhere. I told Will he needed to help me by picking up the trash. He did it. He didn't complain. He did a good job of it without me having to remind him of his task. WOW. The second moment of maturity was with Ed. I was SO HAPPY- this is just a little thing, but SO BIG to me. I couldn't see Ed, and Ryan spotted him over by our trailer. I still couldn't see him, and told Ryan I was going to test Ed. So I yell "Ed, where are you?" and he answered "Wight here!" mimicking my tune. I was so happy because not too long ago he used to hide from us and NOT respond when we called his name. Sweet relief- I may not lose him after all.


  1. I can't wait to see the walls go up! What is the thingy standing up in the second picture that looks like a frame for an elevator?

  2. Like Winston Churchill said, this too will pass. Our boys are growing up. Maybe we'll see you Sunday. Jason and Aimee are in town.

  3. My word verification for the last post was bearing. You guys ever go out bearing and go for bear. I'll bet you have a honey of a time. Maybe you should go out and give it a shot. Everyone needs a rug.