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Monday, October 20, 2008

Prop 8 AGAIN! and house insulation

Oh yes- here I go again. Just an observation: I worked in Kacy's classroom this morning, and a new reading theme was introduced. The theme this week is FAMILIES. Last week was birds, the week before was colors... (Jocelyn- Spencer has the same...) This is a Houghton-Mifflin curriculum, so the teacher isn't picking the themes, just following the books. She got to the part where they talked about how different families are made up, moms, dads, grandmas, aunts, uncles, all of that. Then she said that different people might live with you in your house, and different people might take care of you, and included foster parents. No big deal, seemed pretty normal to me. But my thought was this: I've read both sides of the argument for prop 8, and the against side says it's intentions are not to teach gay marriage in schools. And I beleive them. They want marriage. But it will be taught nontheless. It would HAVE to be. And yes, even to Kindergardeners. That totally disturbs me. Now, Kacy's teacher said that the school board does have control over the final adoption of curriculum and that if they don't agree with the state approved curriculum they could pay extra to adopt the one of their choosing. And our school board is FULL of old guys who farm and hunt. They are conservative. So I'm not worried for our school district. But I do wonder if religious freedom will be taken away from school teachers who don't believe in gay marriage (again, based on religious beliefs) if they refuse to mention it? Pharmasists don't have to prescribe birth control if it's against their beliefs, but I wonder if the same kind of clause will be in effect for teachers? Hmmm...

This week is a big house building week (Hallelujah chorus in background...) We are insulating the subfloor so we can get the sublfoor sheathed. (Sheeted? Again with those building terms!) I'll post pictures along the way, and when the floor is on I'm going to roll around on it laughing deliriously. Maybe. But since I'm so self conscious I'll just think about doing it. Because you know what happens after the floor is on? YOU FRAME THE WALLS!!!! The excitement makes my head pound. Woo-hoo!


  1. I am so glad you are active out their in your children's school. We need more good people involved. The reality is that the world’s morals are spiraling downward. Unfortunately, we as a people are following at an arms length. We have become desensitized and have digressed. What most people watch on TV now, 10 – 20 years ago they wouldn’t have dreamed of watching it in their homes. Bruce R. McConkie said, “ At first we abhor, then tolerate, then we embrace. Stand firm and steadfast Girl. I know you will.

  2. Karrie, I do believe that pharmasist will have to give birth control out. Because there is an adoption agency that had to close shop because they wouldn't adopt to a gay couple. Also a fertilization (sp) doctor was forced to invetro a gay couple or close shop. I think our rights will be revoked if this passes. They say they only want to be married but they already have every right that a married couple has so why not call it something else. I think that Mass. is the only state it is allowed and they are having a lot of things pushed on them