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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Stock Market is Having a Sale!

Stocks are plunging, and I have finally lost some money- I'm sure of it. I checked my stocks a couple of days ago and I was still about even, but I'm sure after today (DJIA down 600+ points!) I lost more money. But I'm still not worried about the economy. Why? Because we have employment. Because we have very little debt, and even that bugs me to pieces, so the sooner it goes away, the better. And since the market is in such a horrible state, I think I'll buy some more of something. I have no idea what, but everything is on sale right now, so to speak. I'm a little worried that our society thinks we are in a pit of money despair, because with our sometimes sheep-like behavior fueled by the media, it's like a chain reaction. It's our own faults though- most of us live beyond our means. I just cannot feel sorry for someone who bought a house they couldn't afford. And if that house is outfitted with matching furniture and a flat screen TV (with cable, of course...) well... I'm heartless. Maybe living in a trailer has made my heart hard. Having a home is a luxury, not a right. Anyhow, I'm sure this whole thing will be blamed on everyone else- it's always someone else's fault, right? And why aren't financial classes (and child development classes) mandatory in High School? Seriously- we all have to deal with money. Ah, but that's my own personal agenda- one of those "If I was in charge of the world" things.

Anyone have any stock picks? I like stocks in the $20-30 range so I can actually afford more than two stocks. I would LOVE to own some Berkshire-Hathaway (because See's Candy falls under that umbrella), but last year the shares were $130,000 a piece. With my Sharebuilder/ING account, I could own about .00001 of a share. I don't have a lot of money in the stock market- I just want enough to but a washer and dryer for my new house. The fancy front loading, water saving, high capacity ones.


  1. My goofy boys have one share in Harley Davidson and Dreamworks... they're currently going in the $26 or so range.

  2. We bought Apple a couple of years ago and made some money on it. Luckily we sold it before it took a dump. Julia does have one stock in Disney! We plan to just ride out this stock market. It will all come up again......someday. :)

  3. Ditto! I completely agree with everything you said...and someday, when you and I rule the schools, we will implement a child dev. (you) and finance (me) curriculum.

    My conservative stock recommendation is always JNJ (Johnson & Johnson).