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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Warm Sock

It is Fah-Reezing!!!! Really- it's 57 degrees in the trailer, and it's 45 outside, with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. I know how hard the wind blows now just by sitting on my bed and observing the outside. Since we live in a trailer, it has become something I've learned- if I fear that the trailer is going to blow away, the wind is at least 70mph. If if just shakes and makes me slightly nauseated, then it's in the 40-50 mph range. Good thing the trailer is not broad side to the wind- we had one storm a year and half ago that blew all the dirt out from our trailer and cars. Houses lost roofs- the wind blew at 70mph for 14 hours. Anyway, our trailer is wearing out. RV's are not made to live in. They are made for camping. Knowing that, ours had held up pretty darn well for three years and four little kids. However, the battery/electrical is on the fritz. It's unpredictable (hence the "fritz"?) and tonight is a bad night. What that means for us is this: the battery system controls the propane regulators for the fridge, the hot water heater, and the heater. Since the batteries are so low on power right now, if I turn on anything, alarms and sensors start screeching. Our regular plugs work just fine... we have TV, computer, and lamps. But no "hot" anything. Now, our friend Kenny lent us a battery charger, but it is really, really dark outside, and really, really cold, I don't feel like being a hero. I warmed the kids blankets in the dryer, and I made them "warm socks".
Here's what you do: Take a cute sock and fill it with rice. It had to be a cute sock (not really, and I took my "not cutest" socks for tonight). It can be white or brown rice. I put three cups of rice into each sock, tied a not in the top (and if the kids are actually going to touch the sock, then sew it closed or tie it tight and have a talk about NOT untying the sock.) Put it in the microwave for a minute and a half (or more...) and then you can use it for sore muscles, necks, or like me tonight- for warming up beds. It's the princess version of the camping trick of putting warm rocks in your sleeping bag. They are completely reusable. Keep them dry. If you really want them relaxing, get some lavendar essential oil and put a drop or two in there. I'm not that fancy though. I think I'll go make me some. As soon as Ryan gets home, he'll fix everything, but this will do until then.

Another hiking note- we went again yesterday, about 3 miles this time, and the kids did great. We all get a little workout, they get to see plants and bugs and stuff, and it tires them out. They think it's fun, but I think if we are going to make it a habit, the boys need better shoes. "Vans" are not made for hiking- a good athletic sneaker or hiking boot might be in the works for Christmas. As well as a little fanny pack with water bottle and small first aid kit for them. Someone always seems to bleed a little.

****Edit- it's 11pm, and I'm up finishing homework online. My trailer is a frigid 55degrees. It's so cold that when Ed peed in his diaper, it woke him up with him saying "I'm poopin mom, I peed!" I took care of the wet diaper and he went back to bed, but I thought that it was funny. I've heard of people peeing in there wetsuits to get warm in the ocean. Same concept? And sorry if you are disgusted by my potty talk. I've just got done analyzing poetry through a topic lens and need a break from academia, alright? ****


  1. I made some out of left over flannel one year. I just put one in the microwave to put on my feet. I am catching a cold and cannot get my feet to warm up. Thanks for reminding me I had one.

  2. jims grandma made me one years and years and years ago, it smells a little funky now and i don't use it. I HATE THE COLD! I moved to sunny California and it snows, cold is stupid!