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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Warning: Grocery shopping can be harzardous to your health!

In true Ed and Will fashion, they crashed a shopping cart today. They convinced me we NEEDED candy corn, and while I turned my back to peruse the goods, they tipped the cart over. Heads were hit, fingers smashed, knees bruised, tears shed. It was not a pretty sight, and I'm grateful Ed didn't break his hand, or that Will got a concussion. Ed's nasty, dirty, nose picking (and eating- eww) fingers can now add the adjectives "swollen and bruised". The thing is, I only had the three kids, as Kacy was in school. I still made a shopping cart train, where I put the boys in their own cart and Jessie and the food in the other. I then pull the kids behind me using my left hand while pushing the other cart in front of me with my right. It's the only way. I only turned my back for a second. This happened to me recently when Kacy and Will were hanging on the back of the cart (where the handle is), and I had told them not to do that. Being the super good listeners they are, they did it anyway and less than a minute later they were on the ground, shopping cart on top of them. It was in more of a slow motion that time, and since my back wasn't turned I was able to help slow the fall by catching the cart at the last second. They still fell and heads were banged, tears were shed, but nothing serious. Ryan pointed out the common denominator: Will. He might not go shopping with me anymore. He crashes carts. And he insists I buy things like candy corn, Little Debbie snacks, and ice cream.


  1. That is one silver lining in the not having transportation cloud. I can't take any kids with me to the store because there is only room for me and two passengers and oh dang the groceries have to ride up front because all the "useful" crap in the back of the truck. So I have not had to endure the shopping with kids in a while.
    ((((hugs)))) for your rough day!

  2. Not to worry mom, better days are ahead. Like Winston Churchill said, " This too shall pass"". So glad that they were not really hurt, that 911 didn't have to be dialed, and really glad you guys didn’t make the 11:00 o’clock news. Being the mommy of 4 children really can be intense, it’s like there is no let up. OK maybe when they are asleep, but you know what I mean. I sympathize with you. Hang in there babe and I know you can and will. They are really great kids, just a little, shall I say active. It was so great to see you guys Tuesday night. We sure love the "B" Family and pray for you often. They are pretty darn cute kids. But that is one great uncle's unbiased opinion.

  3. I would rather pull my toenails off slowly while poking my own eyes out with dirty nails then take my 4 kids shopping. I remember a lot of midnight shopping trips. Call me next time, I could use some little kid time again. (Just not in the nursery)

  4. Grocery stores know the power of the sweet smell of freshly baked bread. Just one sniff will ignite the appetite and send even the most hardened shopper down the aisle grabbing for anything that looks good. Remember, everything looks good when our stomachs are screaming.


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