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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dirt Work, part II, and more

Here is one area of the completed dirt work. I am guessing that it is around 2 1/2 feet high- it varies a little depending on where you are standing. It is so nice to have the "mountains" cleared from our land. Ryan sealed up the subfloor. He caulked the joints and then put water sealer on. The next step is to dig 30 footings for the steel posts that will hold up out wrap around porch. The footings are two feet square by one foot deep, and that seems EASY after the footings for the house. I told Ryan I would happily dig the footings if he had the forms right there to stick in right away. Something we learned from digging the footings for the house- we dug them at least three times. The soil was terrible. Ryan did more digging than I did even. We were both sick of dirt. I think that's why it took so long. But this is exciting, because as soon as that's done, we can start the framing process. And those cement retaining walls that I had posted about earlier needs a correction. They won't hold dual-pac units. They will only hold the outside portion of the AC. Whatever. That's what I get for being technical.
Ed got the hose again today. "Hey Mom! I'm muddy!" I let him play in the water for awhile today because he couldn't hurt anything, besides getting himself wet on a kind of chilly day. He is talking so well now, it's crazy how his language has exploded in the last few weeks. He speaks in complete sentences, and he speaks fairly clearly. It just amazes me, and is one of my favorite things about kids- observing their development.

Other news: I'm gonna be a super-stah! Ya right... SOMEHOW I said "Yes" to being in a play. Here is how it went:
Ed B; "Hey Karrie, I'm doing this play called the 10 Virgins, wanna be in it?"
Me: "Sure! I can stand on a stage." (me remembering being the virgin Mary holding the "sweet 8 pound baby Jesus" (ED) on the stage. I sat there, holding my own kid. No speaking. Easy!)
Ed B: "Great! I'll get you your part soon."
Me: "There's parts?"
Ed B. "Well, ya, and singing."
Me: Heart stopping... "There's singing? Like in a big group?"
Ed B: "A couple of spots, but mostly it's solos."
Me: "Um, I can't sing..."
Ed B: "Oh, sure you can. It'll be fun." And he turned around and left.

And that's that. I'm going to do it, because I said I would. But holy smokes, I'm already nervous about it. I'm going to take singing lessons. If I'm going to do this, I don't want to make a fool of myself. I need a huge shot of confidence though. Where can I buy that? (Now, you KNOW I've thought, "Too bad we weren't a drinking religion, then the liquor would ease my fears and a drunk audience would think I sounded great. And then they'd forget the whole performance." Alas, we are the driest religion on the planet. And really, it's better that way. But still...) Did I say I can't really sing? I have a good voice for a choir. I suppose I'm okay when I'm alone in the car, belting it out. But put in front of anyone, and I'd rather die than sing. Advice please. Right now I'm thinking singing lessons with my friend Angie, and my cousin Caley. Lots of practice. And I'm going to work on having an attitude. Fake it 'till you make it, right? So if I pretend I'm really outgoing and confident, I should do just fine. Right? RIGHT? This is so not me.


  1. We want tickets. We'll be there fore sure.

  2. So personally I'm going to go with fake it, after I try the singing lessons that are surely not going to do me much good. My "skills" and my confidence were pretty much squashed by my son Zac when he was about two...he covered his ears and said please stop whenever I sang to him. Optimism is the key...it'll be fun.

  3. You know Cori, my kids tell me to stop every time I sing too ... and you all seem to think I sound just fine. Hmmmmmmm I think you both will be just amazing!

  4. You are hilarious Karrie! I remember singing with you through the years..you'll do fine:)