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Monday, November 3, 2008

Running on Empty

My car can only go about one more mile... long story short, both Ryan and I are responsible for letting the gas tank get too low. He took my car past TWO gas stations this morning, twice, when he went to the office. He brought it back, and I drove to Kacy's school to help out in her classroom. I get in my car to go home and notice the gas light came on, so I head on out to the gas station. I didn't know I forgot my wallet at home. So I drove home, wondering where I'd run out of gas. The nearest gas station is about 14 miles from our house. There is no cell phone reception for the nearest 10 miles to my house. Ryan is going to get me fuel in a gas can, so I'm not worried. But I hate running on empty. And I'm doing it in my life right now. I am looking at my calendar and my list of things to do and I just can't get them all done. I can not even finish my thoughts at this moment because I don't even know where they are going. I have a gift certificate for an hour massage- maybe I should consider using it.


  1. Out of gas. That's kinda a metaphor or simile about life. I forget which. But the end result is the same. We all need to fill up sooner and more regular. Next time there are some alternate sources. Cabbage comes to mind. But I think a more available source is a Taco Bell burrito. That has the potential for a lot of gas. Just a random thought. I hope it made you smile maybe before you thought how disgusting.

  2. You get that massage Kerrie and I will live vicariously through you!