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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3 things

Ed's new "tute" blanket- my mom made this tag-a-long for Jessie, and Ed hijacked it. If he wasn't so manly, I wouldn't feel right about letting him carry around a pink blanket. I think my mom is going to make him a blue one.
Happy 29th birthday to my Mother-in-law. Since we won't be seeing her today, here is a blog tribute. She is working at the temple and then setting up Nativities for the tri-stake thingie. She makes the best desserts. Ever. She's also a good cook for regular food, and will taste anything (like her son). She is more than willing to re-arragne her schedule to babysit (which often makes me feel bad, because she also takes care of two grannies...). She loves the temple, and it's always fun to see her there, because the lines of mother-in-law/daughter-in-law are gone, and it's more like friends/sisters. She'll offer to change poopy diapers. I don't like to let her do that becuase she does enough already, why would I punish her with THAT? She enjoys her grandkids, and keeps wanting us to come back every Sunday. She lets Jocelyn and I visit and ignore our rowdy kids. She's very patient. I don't think she yells. Anyway, Happy Birthday, and we'll see you on Sunday! (This is an old picture with Kacy. Kacy would have been about 7 months old.)
Jessie is nine months old today. She just barely started crawling- barely. It's like a Frakenstein crawl, if that's possible. She likes table food, and not veggies. She is still a very happy baby. I couldn't ask for a better baby. I don't know what else to say about her, except that as far as babies go, she has to be one of the best. And I'm not just saying that, because most of my babies have been easy (it's the toddlers that kill me- and that lasts until they are three and a half...) but she is so happy to just sit and play with toys. We are entering the phase where she tries to pull herself up on things, and I'm so worried about her hitting her mouth on things.


  1. I like it. Although it would be more interesting if you threw in a little bit of controversy.

  2. I also love your mother in law. From what I know of her she sounds about perfect!!! Very warm and inviting and comfortable to be around. Happy 29th!!

  3. Wowwie, you sure have some adorable children.

  4. I love your new blog. Emily has really done some great stuff.

    I think your kids are so cute. My kids were kind of flipped. Kessa was a really hard baby but a great toddler/kid. James was such an easy baby but now that he is 2 I pull my hair out almost daily. Isn't it fun. When you think you are a "seasoned" mom they change the rules on us.