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Monday, December 1, 2008

Causing trouble-social commentary gone awry

Well, I suppose I've ruffled a few feathers, and part of me thinks it's funny. Only because a disagreement is leading to such contention. Funny, how using my first amendment rights of free speech, has lead to this hot topic. I have people I have NO IDEA who they are getting snippy with me.
Just to clarify: from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Gossip: (1) a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others. (2) rumor or report of an intimate nature.

I take no responsibility for comments left by others. I take full responsibility for my post, and after reading, and re-reading, the only thing I might need to apologize for is the part where I say it makes me gag that the poster said not to judge her, but then she goes on to judge the off-duty cop. So it bugs me, okay? NOTHING else I said was a personal attack. I've tried to keep it rational and even tempered, but it's not working. All I want to do now is stop reading my comments, and drink a diet Pepsi. And write my paper. (Ugh- that's giving me a head ache just thinking about it.)

If I need to defend my personal blog, I would say this about the post. I read a post on someone else's blog. I left a comment (CHP paid by DMV fees, not taxpayers money, maybe the cop was following her because he genuinely cares about the seat belt thing, not because he's a jerk. Agree that it was lame of him to try to follow her down the street. End of comment.) Use a summary of her post as a springboard for a social commentary on perceptions of cops. Never used her name or linked her blog, because that would have been rude, weird, and unnecessary. I now find it odd that so many people are commenting, both who I know and don't know. I don't think I have a cyber gang who is bullying anyone, what I do read from the comments is many people with personal experience about kids falling out of cars, getting hurt, etc. I don't get it. Well, I do, but that's too much psychological and sociological explaining. Peace ladies, let it go. No one is a bad parent, we are all learning together. Accept it. Love it. Help your friends.

This has gotten way too contentious for me, I stand by everything I said, I feel bad that people have hurt feelings because I disagree, I've tried to make this light-hearted... and yet the people who are hatin' are still coming back. I'm done with this subject and will say no more. The Spirit (that warm fuzzy happy feeling that makes you feel good) left a few comments ago. I probably won't read anymore comments, unless it gets to over 25, and then only out of sheer curiosity. That would be a record for me!


  1. I read your ealier post and decided to "walk away" and give myself time to think before I said anything, because I am well aware that I am biased (lots of cops in the fam). Now all I have to say is I'm thankful for the bubble I live in. The one created by the observant Law Enforcement officers I know and the ones I don't. They are never truly "off-duty" Yes they may notice someone not buckling up their children, but they are also noticing the drunk guy driving through the neighborhood right when school gets out. So thanks Ryan! And thanks Karrie saying what you think. By the way I took my blog off "private" the other day, after you said what you did about using our blogs for good. :)

  2. Wow did I ever pick a bad day to get things done! I found nothing offensive or even controversial with either you blog or your comments (intense curiosity about the deleted ones though) ... and I am NOT married to a chippy - just happened to like common sense, possibly a fast vanishing commodity in our day? Keep it up girlfriend ... I love reading your posts!

  3. I've read both your posts on this as well as the "original" post. I really can see both sides of your argument. I was raised by a mortician...believe me, I've seen countless ways that people can die, its no fun. I'm also guilty of sometimes letting the kids drive down our little street without a belt on. I've also seen the neighbor kids without helmets riding their little four wheelers and scooters... We could get all caught up pointing fingers at one another for every parenting indiscretion, but that wouldn't be fair, realistic, or conducive to building each other up.
    I understand what you are saying about her being judgmental toward cops, but I have to admit...you did sound judgmental yourself by making that very statement and I'm glad you admitted that.
    I like cops, I think they provide great service for the communities they serve. We had a dear friend, HP, killed a few years back while serving in the early morning hours. It broke our hearts and will continue to.
    I also have to mention the cops in the town adjacent to us are NOTORIOUS for throwing the book at people for slight speeding infringements. They now have a negative "rep" throughout the valley. In fact, one officer recently overstepped his boundaries with a relative of mine and I'm sure will have a formal complaint issued...
    In any case, I'm just trying to point out that absolute statements don't work, "all cops are bad", "all moms who let their children go without belts are bad"...

    Neither of these statements are true.

  4. I read all of it earlier this morning (including deleted comments). I'm in total agreement with you! My social commentary has gotten me in trouble in the past too...
    Anyway, have fun writing your paper!

  5. I do KNOW where you live and that's why I found that statement so funny. Make that Pepsi a leaded! You deserve it.

  6. I just wanted to tell you that I have really grown to admire and respect you as I've been able to get to know you better through blogging. Thank you to your great husband who serves admirably and unselfishly. I think law enforcement officers often get overlooked and underappreciated.

  7. I hope you DO read this Karrie. First off... the first time I met Karrie, some of the first words out of her mouth were "I don't gossip, and won't listen to it". I remember this daily because it's where my respect for this woman began. It hasn't ended there, but for this topic that's all that needs to be brought up. It makes me very aware of myself and definitely of what I say to, and about others, of course to her, because I also want the respect of this very strong woman, but because I would like people to KNOW the same thing that I know of Karrie... that I will NOT be a part of any kind of gossip, ever! So everyone who thinks differently is just WRONG! (feel free to comment on that blogger bullies!) Next... if anyone should be a Chippy hater it should be me. I drive WAY too fast all the time. I have been pulled over a few times (ok a lot). Now I hope that my CHP friends know, and if they don't they will now, that I don't ever expect to get out of ANY ticket because they are my friend. They have a job to do, to "Protect and to Serve" and that is what they do. If that means I get a large speeding ticket from a friend then it is only MY OWN fault. They are trying to protect me, and the people around me. Just as they would if a child wasn't in a seat belt or it was a drunk driver, which was the case a few weeks ago when Karrie's CHP husband responded to the call from me when I called in the drunk driver in front of me who was about to kill himself and possibly someone else. Thank you Ryan for doing your job and doing it well. Thank you to all Law Enforcement because that is exactly what they are doing, whether we like it or not, they are ENFORCING the law. Now if you don't like the law, it is a whole different jurisdiction that you would need to complain to. NOT THE CHP! Write to your senator, not Karrie's blog! Now, for those of you looking for an argument, you've came to the right place. A place where strong women who actually know what they are talking about and whom aren't afraid to let you know it, blog. About their families and their OWN personal thoughts and feelings, if you don't like it don't be a blog hopper.

  8. Dany, I don't know you... at least I don't think I know you. Normally I try not to comment on comments left on other people's blogs; however, I think I love you a lot!! Thank you for using whom!! How I have missed whom and its use.

    Karrie, sorry for taking up your comment space... I just got so excited to see whom. =)

  9. Wow !!!!Have I learned alot in the past day or so. And Karrie you are hearing from people that you don't even know and they don't know you. I want you to know how proud I am of you for what you stand for I wish I could be more like you I still have so much to learn You did good. These are times when you know who your friends are.

    Thank you for the Kind words Dani

  10. Dang! I picked a bad time to take a few weeks off of blog reading. You have every right to say what you want to on your own blog. This seems to have gotten out of hand. When I was three years old (I remember this very vividly) My family was driving home from a school carnival. Less than a mile. I refused to get into my seatbelt. My mom (seven months preggers with child #11) was too tired to argue. We were going about 15mph when someone ran a stop sign. My dad slammed on the breaks and I flew. I hit the windshield and shattered a collar bone. My body is still messed up to this day because of how it healed. Had we been going any faster I would have gone through. It makes me absolutely SICK when I see parents letting their kids ride without car seats. It down right pisses me off when I see them standing on the front seat hanging out the window. I also think most people don't know the damage that air bags can do. My nephew got into a wreck riding front passenger when he was 14 years old. Blew up both of his lungs. POP! Luckily it happened three blocks away from a major hospital and a CHP happened to be right there when it happened and picked him up and rushed him there or he would be dead. I also feel very strongly about this subject. (If you couldn't tell) You keep up your blogging self. Don't let this deter you from your social commentaries.