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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas recap

On Christmas Eve we went and sang at an assisted living center where my aunt Kristin is the patient care director. The boys did NOT sing. Ed actually caused much grief. Here is the first round of singing. My cousin Caley has a three and a half octive range, and April is close- maybe a full two plus a few? AND she can play the piano and sing at the same time! Others from left to right: cousin Jennifer, Will, me and Ed, Kristin, the boy in front belongs to the girl next to Kristin (who happens to have THE SAME NAME AS ME. Karrie is not uncommon, but K-A-R-R-I-E is.), Caley, and at the piano is April.
My grandma Norma M. and Jessie.
After the singing in both the regular area and the Memory Care section, where Ed told me the singing was too loud, we went back to Kristin's house. The kids help make and decorate cookies. After that, we went to the Bunting's house for lots of food. The next day the kids woke up to what Santa left them. We went back to the Bunting's for breakfast at 9am, present opening, and then dinner at 3pm. Then we went to Aunt Kendra's house for my side of the family. My parent's house is being remodeled, and it's off limits to large groups right now. Kendra let us crash her house where we were overwhelmed with gifts and food. We ended the night driving home in the snow and ice. We spent the next day recovering and trying to find a place for everything (we are still working on that.)

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  1. Wow that sounds like so much fun. Every year I say we are going to do something like that and never do.

    I didn't realize that April was your cousin. I knew her when we were "young" - she is the best. You will have to tell her hi for me!!

    Merry Christmas - and HAPPY NEW YEAR