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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just because I'm tired of looking at my picture

I feel I ought to write something. Just because I'm tired of looking at my picture every time I turn on the computer.
We had a great Christmas. The week of was very busy, but we all survived. The kids received lots of toys and clothes from their grandparents. If they keep it up, I will never need to get them anything! Next year we are going to institute a handmade holiday. Our house may possibly be finished by then (the snow and ice we had all last week didn't help any progress, and now Ryan is waiting for these really long, special order timber framing screws so he can set those rail road ties...). A house would make homemade and handmade a lot easier- but, if it doesn't happen, we will do it the year after for sure. I am already thinking of what I could start now, so October/November/Dec. doesn't come around and I get the "it's too late now" syndrome.

We are going to have a News Year Eve Party! Just me and the kids. I hope to find the ball dropping thing on TV at 9pm so we can go to bed. (We party hard!) We are going to make a confetti cake, have macaroni and cheese (their pick) and I may try to make sparkling jello... we'll see what the Walmart has to offer.

We ate "homemade" bacon. We tested some of the bacon Ryan cured/smoked and it's good. The pigs that were harvested aren't known for their fat bacon, but like Ryan said, you could really cure any piece of pork and get the same flavoring. It might just be more "meaty". He says that someday (when the house is finished) we might get a sow and a boar and breed them, and then sell the offspring and keep some for us. He'd also like to have fresh goats milk and a donkey named Kevin roaming the front yard with the chickens. We are going to name all our packing mules after our nephews. Just to mess with them, because we're mental that way. I'm not about to milk a goat, but the rest sounds jim-dandy to me.

Now, I have to go take a nap and think about the details of one of the most important rooms in the house that is not the kitchen: the laundry room.


  1. That is funny, naming your mules after your nephews. LOL! Your New Years sounds about like how ours will go down, except we might be in bed a little sooner, JC will be working both days.

  2. We party the same way... You do know how bad pigs stink right? I always wanted a pig named breakfast, and a cow named dinner. Then the kids wouldn't forget WHY we had them and make them into pets. Then maybe grow a peanut tree named lunch????

  3. We had pigs growing up, one year the were named Bacon and Sausage, and another year we named them after our grandparents. Strange I know...