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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I am going to H-e-double hockey sticks for lying to my mother-in-law... because Ryan accidentally told his mom that we were getting a family picture done, and it was supposed to be a surprise. So he covered up by lying. And then I avoided it until last Sunday night. Does it count that I didn't look her in the eye? Probably not. But anyway, I got suckered into buying a package at Olan Mills in the KMart in Ridgecrest one day. It was torture for us all, but we did it. And everyone in the fam is getting copies. I didn't pick this shot to reproduce for the 8x10's for everyone, but now I wish I did. Everyone looks just slightly better in the one I did pick. But look at Ed. He had a GREAT time with the picture lady and her fuzzy duster, the popping lights, and her saying "I'm gonna git you!" This was the first shot of the session, too.


  1. It's beautiful! Those pictures are always the funnest ones to look at.

  2. I LOVE it!! Ed's expression is priceless!!

  3. I LOVE that picture, it shows the REAL Ed. I love him!

  4. That picture says it all. I am anxious to see the other pictures. Thanks for your comments on my blog tonight. They made me laugh. It looks like your holidays were busy and enjoyable. Happy New Year.