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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My thoughts on snow, of all things

I might like snow more if I had the right equipment. Like jackets. A water proof/wind proof jacket would be nice. Something for my head and hands would be nice. Uggs? Is that the true purpose of Uggs? Because my experience with them in CA is that they make your feet sweat and get smelly after a winter of wearing them with no socks. I'd look into electric socks. A four wheel drive vehicle that had dents and scratches and rust so that when I slid off the road or into a tree, no one would really notice. It'd have 5-point seat belts for safety. And reflectors glued to it. Everywhere. I'd invest in one of those shoe dryers for sure. For now though, especially after hearing of living in 15 degree and -8 degree "highs" with snow, I'm grateful for the couple days of fun, but glad it's not a longer "treat". Cuz my feet are fah-reezing.

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  1. That is why I don't live where it snows anymore! Growing up I used to wait for the bus in -10 weather! Talk about cold. If you live where it snows you should inveset in snow boots (mine were pink) and lots of those handwarmers, they really work! We had a really nice stove (not a fireplace one that only looks pretty, but a real stove to heat the house) we called it smokey joe and boy it would heat up the house real nice. My husband will not move anywhere where it snows because it will rust up your vehicle, well not the snow so much but the salt they put on the roads to melt the ice. Plus driving in the snow is not fun! The only fun thing about it is going tubing and riding your 4-wheeler in it. I do not miss it, except at Christmas time. Sorry this is so long, it just brought back many memories of living in Utah!