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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Christmas Decorations

Kacy provided us with ALL our Christmas decorations this year. She made these at school. I am NOT in the Christmas mood yet. I have wrapped almost all the presents, but I need to find a place to put them. We didn't put up our little tree this year because Jessie takes up it's floor space. It's one or the other, and I choose the child.
The elf is scaring my boys. Ed says it's a "monner pig" and Will came up to me and in a quiet voice says "Mom. The elf's eyes follow me when I walk." I say "Really?" and he goes back to the elf and walks past it again. He starts slowly, and then speeds up and over to me: "Mom. It does! See? The eyes move!" The elf is life size. And, I can see the pig mistake, a little in the face. It's eyes don't move though...


  1. The reindeer is my favorite. I like the giant nose. That is a pretty creepy elf. We tried painting today. Jared came back 10 minutes later and turned all of the other hard work to BROWN. Nathan was not very happy.

  2. Kaycee did a wonderful job on the elf, and reindeer and singing in the program. She has really came out of her shell, and she looks so grown up. It's bitter sweet. We get so proud of how big they are getting, but so sad that they arent our babies anymore. (don't mistake that for temporary insanity that I want another baby. I DON'T)

  3. Hahaha! I used to have a Little Mermaid poster in my room when I was little. I was convinced that Ursula's eyes followed me!

  4. I rememeber those little decorations form our young children. They are just priceless. Treasure them always. I sure love the "B" Kids.

  5. What a beautiful dress you wore to church today. And the straightened hair looks great. I am wondering how long it took you to do. I am impressed that you even had the patience to straighten Kacy's. It made her look more grown up! Merry Christmas.