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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rail Road Ties

We had a building "thing" come up: we have to set 30 posts on footings above grade before any framing can be done. That part we knew. At first we were thinking that we could build a retaining wall later, and then we thought of forming up a cement wall and then covering that with rocks. Ryan found a railroad tie supplier and bought some- they are solid oak. Too bad they are soaked in creosote, or else we'd mill them into flooring. I like the idea of wood- it's softer than cement and rocks. (Looks-wise.) So, this retaining wall has to be done before we can get a framing crew (Yea! We are definitely going that route!) so the crew doesn't mess up the dirt with all the trampling around that will be inevitable. How I look forward to that trampling around!

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  1. Ok.... one of the officers in Justin's office got 75 railroad ties FOR FREE!!!! They were working and he saw the train people getting rid of them and he offered to come back on his day off to "clean them up". He paid the guy $100 because he felt bad getting that many for free. I want some. I just think they look cool. BTW we're big fans of our not wood- wood floors. No scratches. My friends friend got the "real" version of our floors and moving in their furniture and setting up for Christmas... totally scratched them already.