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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thank-you, Ozzy.

I think Ozzy (Black Sabbath) sums it up best when he sings "I'm goin' off the rails on the crazy train!" I am on that crazy train. Here is our day today:
  • Got four inches of fresh snow last night, which covered the iced-up road. Road not cleared until the sun did it's job. Took Kacy to school because bus did not come, again. Drove 25mph on the ice. It took forever to get there.
  • I went to the dentist. I have one cavity on one of my wisdom teeth. Nice.
  • Went to "the mall" and did a little shopping. I hate shopping. But seriously, my kids need jackets. The three older ones got these Carhartt jackets (Will is modeling, above), and after the initial investment, I should only have to buy one a year as they get passed down. (Hopefully. I also plan on holding on these babies for my grand kids/visitors. They last forever. If Ryan can't ruin one, then they pass the test.) They look great! Now, they need boots. Kacy really likes hers, even though it's not pink or purple.
  • Picked Kacy back up from school. Went home to find the power back on. Water still out. Maybe I forgot to mention that part- no utilities this morning. It was 18 degrees when we woke up, and 25 when we left for Bakersfield. I realize that our storage water in the RV is OUT. Jessie needs a bottle and the toilet needs to be able to flush. So, I call Ryan, who happens to be butchering some pigs today. Didn't I marry the man that can do anything? He gets that from his Dad. He tells me to try and fix the pipe, and if I did, he would be impressed. A challenge!
  • Find tools, but not a fitting. Go to hardware store to get supplies. Stop at grocery store for three gallons of water, just in case.
  • Fix pipe by the light of my car- reset well pump and watch as the pipe I "fixed" breaks at a different point and flies 10 feet in the opposite direction. It's probably my fault for man-handling PVC when it's 30 degrees outside. The kids were sitting in the car watching me do this. They hated it.
  • Having no water means I don't have to do laundry, dishes, or bath time. Ryan is going to fix it when he comes home tonight. All the hardware stores up here close at like 5:00pm. Everything up here closes before it should.

What our house looks like today. Hard to make any progress when everything from the house to the tools is under an inch of ice and three inches of snow. But, isn't it pretty? In that "I'd rather not really be there because my feet are freezing, but it's a nice picture." kind of way. It's all about proper footwear for the snow. Not that we have any.


  1. What a pretty view you will have when your house is done, Couldn't ask for anything better then that

  2. When oscar came home with the story of what happened to you yesterday, I said a little prayer for your sanity. I think I would have lost it. These will be the best stories (20 years from NOW). :)

  3. Holy crap batman, that looks like it is cold. Can I say crap on live blogs? I think I just did. As to your post on my blog - Fire at will. Not your son, but you may proceed at your own speed wiht Bueller, Buller on your blog. I've always wanted to be on a float in a parade and sing "Shake it up Baby" or Twist and Shout". Yeah right. By the way about you being on the crazy train - you're not that crazy, but you are amazingly close. Just kidding. LOL

  4. Holy snow!! Is it normal for you guys to get that much snow? Crazy!

  5. Cracking up about the "holy crap batman" comment!

  6. Wow Karrie, hang in there! We are wanting to come to play in the snow. I hope Ryan fixed your pipes. Hopefully next year at this time you will be in your home! Dittos on what your Mom said...you will have a beautiful view!