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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Visit with Santa

This took a lot- Santa was a great Santa and distracted Ed while quietly snatching him up for the photo op. He had a bell in his hand that he had Ed ring, and he played "Hi-5" with him.
I am sitting on Santa's lap. Totally uncomfortable. His idea, not mine. Ryan said he was a dirty Santa, and then I told him that I thought he was the same one that worked in the town's Christmas park, and he said "Oh, he's cool. Nevermind." Still... see my straight hair? Nifty.
Jessie and Santa. Enough said.

Where's Will? He wouldn't even come in the room.


  1. Your hair looks great! Did it take you FOREVER?

  2. Jessie's picture made me want to cry, how sad. We have one of Benjamin like probably the same age and he did the same thing.

  3. Your kids are like mine or at least like the way mine use to be. My kids always hated Santa and I have a picture with me sitting on Santas lap holding Taegan also his idea. He was weird and kinda flirty too.

  4. They take after their dad. Ryan ran and hid when Santa aka Uncle Dandy walked in one Christmas long ago.

  5. Wow, talk about silky, pretty, straight hair!

    I think he was a dirty Santa too!