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Monday, December 15, 2008

Ward Christmas Dinner

We had our ward Christmas Party last Friday. The Santa visits went a little better. Will stayed behind my legs. But, he did talk to Santa. When Santa asked Will what he wanted, Will said "It's a secret!" How do you wrap a secret?
Kacy wrote Santa a note. It says "I want a Dora doll for Christmas." This was so she wouldn't have to talk to him, but she ended up being okay with Santa after all. (I was playing with photoshop, and in a bad way... in what application might one need the "plastic wrap" filter?)
At first she wasn't sure...
But it all turned out okay!

Ed grabbed his candy cane and fled the scene before good pictures could be taken.


  1. I love the picture with Kacy and Santa, how did you do that? I didn't post mine because there were too many people in it.

  2. I created a new layer, and converted it to black and white. Then on that layer I used the eraser tool to erase the BW from Kacy and Santa. Then I flattened the image. Create a new layer again, and apply the plastic wrap filter. Then erase Kacy and Santa again- they come out unharmed from the playing around, and it kinda obscures the people in the background. I'd like to play with photoshop more.

  3. Wow, that sounds confusing maybe I'll try to get photoshop and play around with an old picture just incase I mess it up and can't change it back. Thank you for explaining it though.