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Monday, December 1, 2008

Why I could NEVER do this for a job

I was forwarded a link to a blog by a girl I don't even know, but she lives in my hometown and was complaining about/hatin' cops. Basically, when she drives down the street at 15mph to get her kid from the bus stop, her three year old sometimes doesn't sit in a seat, or sits in the front seat. Not that big of a deal, except that a chippie picks his kid up at the same time (off duty) and gives her dirty looks. (The thing that makes me gag the most about the post was that she says not to judge her for not putting her kid in a seat all the time, but then she rags on the cop for the looks because he's perfected parenting... um, about the judgement thing???) But anyway, this guy tried to catch her doing it again while he was on duty, and it didn't work out for him. It sounds like he was totally going after her. And most people commenting are like "Doesn't he have anything better to do?" Than what? His job? I clarified that they do not get paid with taxpayers money, but rather DMV registration fees. And really, MOST CHP's are so anal about seat belts. But for a good reason. It's all fun and games until someone's brains pop out of their head. Or they are air lifted to a hospital with major injuries because they took their seat belt off for just a minute. And seeing little kids being injured really disturbs them. I have heard MANY stories, and been sheltered from just as many, in the last nine years. Just saying. Everyone hates cops until they need them. I could never be a cop because: I don't like people hating me. I don't like smelly people with bad teeth. I don't like to drive that much. I don't like blood or crying people or brains on my pants. (Seriously, washing someone else's blood out of your husbands pants before the stain sets is not cool.) So, the next time the fuzz pull you over for not obeying the laws of the land, just deal with the consequences of your choices. They'll be there to put your femur bone back in your thigh, or your brains in your head.


  1. Amen Daughter of mine
    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Smelly people with bad teeth!!! HA HA HA!!

  3. I just left her a comment too. i get so mad when I see kids not buckled up right. Especially since Aubrea died.

  4. Amen! and to Kim...if you don't want the "public" to comment on your blog then you should be "private" or is it that you just don't want anyone having a differing opinion commenting on your blog?

  5. I am grateful to men like your husband that are trying to do what they can to keep kids safe in cars. It drives me crazy when I see pictures on blogs that show car seat misuse.

  6. Karrie,

    Let me just say -- I love cops! Perhaps it is because I adore my husband's grandfather who is the former police chief of a little town up north. Perhaps it is because of an over-developed regard for persons of authority. Perhpas it is because officers put their butts on the line to keep me and my children safe. Perhaps it is because when needed, an officer is always will to be of assistance.

    I can't tell you a specific reason... but I LOVE COPS!

    I also love persons of high passion and opinion.

    I am a bit concerned that you don't want to write your English paper, but that's just the former teacher in me having a hard time seeing anything more fun than an analysis of symbolism. =) FYI -- I think your topic sounds fascinating! I would love to read it sometime. Really, that part is serious... nothing is better than some good research and analysis!

    PS My love of law enforcement officers could also be linked to the uniform. Just sayin'.

  7. Oh, and since we are on the law enforcemnt topic, I have a question....

    I am the only person in the world that can't be pulled over without hitting the curb? Honestly, a few months ago I was pulled over because I had a weak tail-light. I got so flustered when I saw the officer's lights that in pulling over I totally bonked the heck out of the curb!

    Several years earlier... same thing except in Delano and a different vehicle. That time, I hit the curb, and because I was in a 4 wheel-drive truck, went up onto the sidewalk of the park. It was bad. The officer couldn't even walk up to my truck for several minutes because he and his partner were laughing SO hard.

    Am I the only curbally challenged freak in the world?

  8. Thanks for making my afternoon a little more interesting reading all the comments. And Yes Willow you are.

  9. When my kids were little a 100 years ago and I was dumb and young I didn't put one in a seat belt instead on my lap and while pulling in our drive way her Dad had to slam on the brakes she hit the window which cracked she was lucky only came out with a bump. So think twich even going down the block it only takes a second. And oh gosh who will you have to call for help if something happens a CHP who will always be there. Oh but wait don't do that he might waste your $$$$

  10. One more thing way back when I was little my Mother did the same thing to me I was sitting on her lap because NO BIG DEAL my Dad almost hit another car hit the brakes I hit the dash and my chin cracked open and off to the hospital we went and that I still remember It just really bothers me that these young Mom's think nothing can happen
    Remember Carianne Perry's sister didn't have a seat belt on because maybe she to thought it would be okay and now we all miss that girl so much. So think next time. Because it only takes a minute and if they cry and throw a fit they will get over it. Life is to short and I would hate to see something happen just because someone doesn't want to take the time to but there children in a seat belt.

  11. Wow, did I ever stir the pot.
    To Kim, I honestly don't know who you are, and it's too bad you went private, because I was gonna ask for the link to your blog again because I thought I saw a pumpkin something recipe on there that looked good. And we both have four kids. I'm sorry if I freaked you out with my comment leaving, I was just trying to let you know there is always another side to the story. Philosophically, I think seat belt laws are ridiculous (for adults) because I think laws should stop you from doing bad things, not make you choose the right. Does that make sense? And I KNOW no one likes to be made to feel bad, but I do have to point out that you don't want to be judged, but you judged that cop, thinking he was a perfect parent. And me mentioning that, may have been the closest thing to an attack, and I apologize for that. I don't apologize for having a different opinion than you. (can you imagine what our grandma's think of carseat/seat belt laws? I know what mine think, and it's totally funny.) And, you don't know me either. You don't know the stories, the blood, and the complaining I get when people find out what my husband does for a living. It's almost like I have to apologize for him.
    To Willow- holy smokes girl, if I ever get that blasted paper written, I'll forward it to you for light reading. I can guarantee it won't be any good though, I'm aiming for a "C". I know, I know, but I think I can still get an "A" in the class.
    To Carrieanne- girl, I missed that whole sign up for your blog thing. Will you email me an invite?
    To the Queen Bee- You KNOW where I live. There are a lot of those smelly people with bad teeth. It's the crack. Really. And did you know that crack addicts have bad teeth because crack gives you dry mouth, and they suck hard candies to combat that, and the sugar from that eats their teeth. True.

  12. Thank you Karrie! I read that post and I got so irritated because someone was complaining about a CHP wanting to protect their child. My sister fell out of the car while my mom was driving on the freeway. She was lucky nothing happened to her but my mom was totally freaked out that she almost ran over her own daughter. It is easy to think it is just a few blocks but most accidents happen within five miles of our own homes.

  13. Kim,
    Thanks, but no thanks, for the suggestion of deleting this post. It's "people like me" (JUDGEMENT by you, on me, that you loathe)who rule by common sense, not emotion. NO ONE is picking apart your parenting skills- NO ONE is gossiping about you. I never mentioned your name or linked your blog. I used a section of your blog as a springboard for a social commentary. My "cyber-gang" is merely agreeing with me that cops are often portrayed as the bad guys. Some are. But most are just trying to protect you. I couldn't care less about how you parent your kids, and I'm sorry you get offended so easily. That's too bad, because I thought you had good writing skills and a sense of humor.

  14. wow....looks like I missed the band wagon! Apparently I picked a bad day to be away from the computer. Stinkin' Nativities.

  15. "Exerience is a good school, but a fool learns in no other."
    Ben Franklin

    Steve Nichols always says that nobody likes lawyers much until they need one. Hearing Ryan's stories of unbuckled kids made me really appreciate the reason for the seatbelt law and the cops who have to respond to those kinds of accidents. I was a mother who would hold an unhappy baby in her lap in the car before seatbelt laws. but I would never do it now. I always buckle myself up too.
    - Wife of afidavid

  16. Wow, there's a lot I'd like to say but I'll keep most of it to myself.
    Blogging is supposed to be fun, but some people ruin it for others.
    As far as gossiping, I think it's funny you don't think you were gossiping about Kim. What do you call it? I think Chattykathy34's name says it all.
    If you don't like people to hate you posting something like this isn't exactly a way to make friends.

  17. WOW! What an interesting day to be reading blogs. Who knew one little post would make for so much conversation. Gotta love those CHP. Since our husbands are one.

  18. You're blogg is Great! Keep smiling.;) Very interesting read.

  19. Dont stop now. I love how opinionated and passionate you are on things. I might not always leave a post but I do love reading.

    Willow- You are tooo funny.