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Monday, December 8, 2008

You tum on wit yo tum on, you don't fight fair...

*Ed has taken to singing "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" by Pat Benetar around the house. It sounds like this: "You tum on wit yo tum on, you don't fight fair, dat's otay, see if I tare! Knot me down it's all in bain, I det right bat on my feet a-den. Hit me wit yo best shot, hit me with yo best shot, Hit me wit yo best shot, fire a-wayyyyeeee." It's awesome.

*Will asks some of the weirdest questions, besides the everyday "What is that and how does it work, how is it made?" Like: "Mom, how do they make the stuff in boxes?" followed by "Well, how do they make boxes?"

*Kacy is getting very comfortable at school and thinks she is impervious to rules. She's testing maybe? Bored? I know she likes school, but I am wondering if she's a little bored. I have the inside information as I do the assessment for her teacher to help her out. I assess Kacy, too. She knew the most. The little boy who sits next to her did very well also- he has a bowl hair cut and I love it for some reason. He kind of had a slow start but is doing REALLY well now. I don't want to be a pushy parent and get her all burned out, but I wonder if she could use some more of something.***I have to edit this: I sound like I think she's a genius or something. She's not. But she "gets" things quickly, and she remembers everything. (That has come back to haunt me...) After observing her classroom, I sometimes just wonder if she gets bored repeating the same things over and over. Oh well, she can learn to be patient. Because I'm not going to home school her. And for the record, one of my favorite kids in her class is the one who eats paste. Okay, not paste, because that's old fashioned, but he seriously ate a glue stick once. I thought the substitute was going to vomit. It was great.***

*Jessie is officially, really, effectively crawling. And she started pulling herself up on things. She laughs ALL THE TIME, especially if she is playing with a toy and you call her name.

*I am in need of a makeover. I hate my hair. I hear my grandmas right now saying "You have those beautiful curls! Don't touch them!" and then the chorus saying "Do you know how much people would pay for perms that look like that?" But people don't get perms anymore. And what's the point if my hair is always in a bun? I wear it down for church on Sundays, but honestly, the trailer life isn't nice for my meager beauty routine. I'm wondering if getting a flat iron would actually work. If I ironed it straight twice a week... I wonder how much time that would take. And then do I get a style to go with it? I've never had a style before. Bangs? No bangs? It would have do double duty for both straight and curly. I have not been happy with the last few pictures I've seen of myself. And I also have a church dress problem. I look sloppy and out of season- I had no sweater, a just below the knee skirt, and my Dr. Martin sandals on Sunday, and it was raining and was 50 degrees. My boys have no church sweaters. I haven't worn nylons/pantyhose since I was a senior in high school. That was 13 years ago. Not once in 13 years. I'm scared. But I really want to look nicer. Not in an expensive, "I'm obsessed with shopping and name brands" kind of way, but in a "I thought about what I put on and did not just pick up the least wrinkled/least stained piece of clothing off the floor." Is that too much to ask? It might be. Nice hair and a put together look...

*Ryan and I were talking about the wild life today. Our "neighbor" (he lives a little less than a mile away) came over and asked if we'd seen any mountain lions. He has seen two, and the one he saw last night attached his donkey. Then we talked about how we want a donkey or two, and the first one's name will be Kevin. Kevin the burro. Even if it's a girl. Then we went back to the mountain lion problem, and I have decided to use my brain and decide against taking walks with the kids for awhile. Not that we have been doing that much lately.


  1. I wear the same thing to church: black skirt with whatever top I can find that will be warm enough. I do wear pantyhose but mostly because I'm not so good about shaving my legs. As for my hair...it used to be bone straight. Now, after Julia, it has a slight wave to it. Not a good wave either. So I straighten it when I feel like looking somewhat nice. My hair is always in a bun or ponytail and no makeup. And then the words to the song, "Wives and Lovers" by Jack Jones pops into my head and I think I should do a better job of looking nice. But why bother when it's just Julia and I at home all day and it's bed time when Cliff gets home. :)

  2. When you come over you can try out my flat iron. I flat iron my hair and it last a couple of days, sometimes I have to re-iron a few pieces especially if it is foggy or humid out.

    I started taking JC shopping with me, it works wonders. He has exceptional taste.

    Mountain Lions are scarey. My brother and dad have both been stalked by one while grading roads and fire breaks. Thankfully they carry guns with them and thankfully those lions were not ready for another meal after killing a few new calves.

  3. You were at the Nativity thing on Sunday, right? I think you look pretty. I have curly hair too (but not as curly as yours) it takes me FOREVER to straighten it, so I only do it on special occasions.

  4. I feel your pain on the curly hair! I have gone back and forth fighting my curls. If I do take the time to straighten my hair(45 min-this includes blow drying it) it lasts 3 days or so with the last day being a ponytail day. I HIGHLY recommend using a Chi brand straightener. It is the only one that has really worked well for me. It is $$$, but I got mine pretty cheap on e-bay. I also recommend no bangs if you still want to have the curly option. Good luck!