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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Flushing is Fun

I came home today from playgroup and a Primary presidency meeting to find out we have running water once again. I look at all this like an emergency preparedness crash course. I have come to the conclusion that storing water for drinking and hand washing is much more important than water for toilet flushing. Honestly, I think we'll build an outhouse (or at least keep the supplies on handy- I'll keep my eyes peeled for one of those cool acrylic glittery ones. If I'm HAVING to use an outhouse, it should be "fun".) and stock up on ultra-biodegradable toilet paper and "waste enzyme packets" if we ever had a real emergency situation. A family of six, with Ryan working 10+ hours a day, goes through a lot of water. And I'd stock up on paper plates, cups, and bowls. Not very "green", but neither is wasting water. Besides, if you were in an emergency situation where you are using an outhouse and using stored water, you might want the paper goods for starting a fire to do your cooking. Anyhow, I'm excited to give the kids a real bath, because they stink. And laundry needs to be done. Seriously, I like doing laundry because I'm not at the laundromat and I now have running water. When you don't have the luxury of laundry at home, you REALLY stop complaining about "having" to do it. At least I have.


  1. Being able to flush a toilet is definitely underrated!

  2. The black and yellow is very cute. very energizing.

  3. You're blog entries are so fun to read. They leave me laughing. Do you mind if I add you to mine as a blogging buddy? Feel free to add me to yours....theadventuresofcamirae.blogspot.com