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Monday, January 5, 2009

I hate it when...

  • I make veggie soup in the crock pot and forget that I made it. When your crock pot is in a different building than you, you really ought to write a sticky note reminding yourself that you have a cabbage based soup boiling away. That stuff cooked on high for at least 12 hours, and stunk up the room it was in.
  • Your two year old leans over in the shopping cart, crashing it, while your 10 month old is still sitting in the seat part of it. Good thing the wire shelving slowed her fall... sarcasm. She scraped the side of her face a bit on the way down as we were looking at brass fittings. On the side she didn't scrape, she smacked on the floor. She is looking better, but I just rolled my eyes when the ladies at the hardware store and Vons said, "Wow, look at your beautiful children. ALL of them are so pretty." Even Jessie, who is bleeding and bruised? Awesome!
  • I feel like a freak show when I go out in public with the kids. I feel for people with twins- the attention kills me. "Are they all yours?" "Are those two twins?" (doesn't matter which two- sometimes it's the boys, most of the time it's Kacy and Will.) "You sure got your hands full!" (Please shoot me if you ever hear me say this!) "They are all so tall!" "They are all so beautiful!" (I always say "Thank-you, they get it from their dad." I wish Ryan was around when I said this- I would love to see the look on his face.) "They are all so well behaved. That's refreshing." -usually by a store clerk or someone waiting in line with us. I must have Ed on a leash, or they catch us on a good day. Today my reply was "Thank-you. I use to teach school, so I'm all about rules. I have high expectations." Someday, I won't get these comments anymore. I know the people who say these things to me are kind-hearted, nice people. But really- I get at least one comment per aisle in the store. And in the meat department, bakery... someday I might miss it, because then my kids will be grown. But for now, I would like to be a little more anonymous. Like when you are eating in McDonald's with your kids and a lady comes over to you and says "I remember you from the bank!" and I reply "Oh no! We were memorable? That's not good." and she states "Oh no, not like that. My co-worker and I thought it was so cute how that one (points to Ed) thought the presents were so interesting. And you have such beautiful children. All four of them are just so beautiful." At this point I'm squriming and say "Thank-you." and then I wonder if people ever look at families and think "That's a good looking family, except for that one. Poor guy (or girl, I guess)... missed out on the genes..." Craziness. That's all it is.


  1. Seriously!!!! I had people stop me before the twins but not like every person that walks by. I HATE that it takes me so long to get through a store cause everyone has a comment to make to me about my twins. I mean I only have so much time 'til someone has a meltdown in the store. I am on a time limit peopIe. love how they goo-goo over the twins and then say to the rest of the kids (who they just notice) "you're cute too." It breaks my heart. I hope my kids don't ever feel left out or not as special. But, my favorite is when they ask "are they all yours?" As if I really would pick up the neighborhood kids to go to Costco. I usually reply "yes and that we don't have cable!" Always makes them think. I am surprised by how many people say, "you poor thing, look what God has done to you" Then I reply with "I love it and am very happy to have so many blessings from God" I had one lady tell me "No you're not, I have children too, I know" I told her' "how sad for you to not appreciate your little ones" So, I feel your irritation.

  2. Better than the reaction I get, "Wow, the little one is sure spirited, isn't he?" I think it's kind of inappropriate for a complete stranger to approach you to comment on the brattiness of your two-year old. Just my opinion though.

    But anyway, your kids are adorable!

  3. This totally made me laugh because I clearly remember thinking, the second Gordon was born, "Oh, thank goodness he isn't an ugly baby." Yes, I am THAT shallow sometimes. Well, flash-forward 3 years and Zach arrives. They show him to me, I look at Russell and say, "Well, maybe he'll have an awesome personality." He was not a cute baby at all. Loveable, yes... pretty/cute/beautiful... nope.

    I am pretty sure there are those out there have looked at a family full of kids and thought, "oh, that one must be the funny kid." I mean, if I did it with my own children...

    Just to make myself perfectly clear, we love and adore Zachary. He is absolutely darling. Despite his iffy infancy, he is a pretty, pretty little boy.

  4. Move to Utah and all comments will stop... unless they are commenting that you must just be getting started! Four kids is totally commonplace. You would think that blonds were commonplace too... but when Fisch was litler I used to get stopped about his hair ALL the time and twice I was asked if he was albino.