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Friday, January 23, 2009

My Babies Around the Same Age

Pictured above: Kacy-1st b-day, Will-about 11 months, Ed- about 11 mos, Jessie-10 mos.
I've been told that Jessie looks like everyone in the family. I'm gonna say she probably resembles Kacy the most, but I have to give her credit for having her own look. Her look is changing: she's getting her first two top teeth right now. She's not upset about it at all. I'm happy about that. I am not happy that my two lovely boys are killing each other right now. I'm gonna let it go until one of them falls asleep. I'm betting on Ed winning- is that fair? He's a tad meaner, big for his age, and he had a nap. Will is more stubborn and won't let it go, but he didn't nap, and it's showing. Update: Kacy is trying to mediate. Great entertainment for a Friday night. Quote: "If I see you do it again, you're gonna have to stay with me. Promise not to hit him?" Kacy to Ed. Ed:"Otay." He now is unleashing his fury/sugar high on Kacy with karate kicks and a few fists. I better go put them in the bath. Maybe that will help calm them down.


  1. Looking at all those pictures, you'd think they're all related or something!

  2. Your Dad didn't know who was who there all so cute !!!!