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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My thoughts on the "most important day in history!"

Really? THE single MOST important day in history? I can think of MANY other important days in history that have impacted many more people...
I THOUGHT we were a "colorblind" society. I grew up hearing that term, and about how unfair it was that my ancestor's were white and THAT is why I had an advantage in high school. But now? A "black" person is the president, so THAT should all be absolved. The "white" man oppresses no more. So, I'm happy the ACLU will lose some of it's rhetoric. Maybe because I grew up in California, where there are people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and languages, I just don't see it as a big deal. So what if he has a better tan than me?

I'm so dang conservative that many Republican politicians don't suit my taste. So, keeping that in mind, here's what I don't like, in no particular order:
  • He wants to sign the FOCA- Freedom of Choice Act, that legalizes partial-birth abortions (READ: Deliver a baby that can live and kill it.) if it's a danger to the "health" of the mother. This includes mental health, like she's stressed out. I believe that a woman made her choice when her pants came off. Yes, there are cases of rape and incest. And genuine cases of health to the mother. But those are a reported 1% of all abortions.
  • Fidel Castro likes him and thinks he'll be a good leader, according to the Argentinian President who watched the inauguration with him in Cuba. (They have a woman president!)
  • He wants to expand the freedom of information act to make government more transparent, yet hasn't produced a birth certificate yet. I can't use a certificate of live birth to register my daughter for Kindergarten, but we have a president that is possibly not upholding the constitution because he won't get his birth certificate from Hawaii. The fact that this doesn't bother anyone frightens me. AND I honestly don't want Arnold Swartchen-whoever to try to become president- because he wants to. But we all know for sure he not natural born, and he's talked about changing the constitution to abolish that rule.
  • The lemmings are here: too many people, especially the media, adore Obama. Adore him to the point of adulation. "United not divided" is a phrase I particularly hate. We only have to be united if you like the president, no? We were not united under George Bush, but as of November's election results, we have to be, or else we are sour, racist losers. Oh, and we are far right zealots... hey man, all I want is the government to govern. I don't want them running my life. Less is more in this instance. The adulation makes me nervous. For anyone, the higher the pedestal, the harder the fall.
  • As a family of government employees (Ryan is, and I was and probably will be again), you would think we would be all about getting raises and big government... but it's not good for the community as a whole. The idea that people who don't pay taxes will get a refund baffles my mind. It will make a whole lot of people happy to have some extra cash, but it's not gonna get those people anything in the long run except a dependence on the gov't "refund" and a liking for the guy passing it out. Now, everyone can have a flat screen TV! I like the idea of deregulation with increased oversight. So that government steps back, but still watches.
  • I'm worried about the people who think now all their problems are going to be solved because of the "change." There will be no more problems! No more worries! No more war! No more unemployment! No more harsh treatment of terrorists in interrogations! Everyone is going to be so happy, problems will cease to exist. If only it were that easy.
  • And, I'm a little, teeny tiny bit worried about where the next terrorist attack will be. Because of Obama's perceived attitude that we can be diplomatic about these things, I'm afraid there will be another strike on US soil. And that he'll talk it over with the UN. And while he's talking about sanctions, it'll happen again. AND THEN he'll be forced to go to war. Maybe. It'll be interesting to see what happens, but hopefully we won't have to find out. Maybe everyone in the WHOLE entire world will respect him and just not mess. That would be nice. But it's also kind of like hoping your two year old will respect you enough not to throw a fit in the grocery store. And you try to talk and reason with them. And that doesn't work. So you spank their little behind and all of a sudden they are looking at you like "Oh, hi mom. What were doing just now?"
  • Celebrities love him. Personal issue: but anyone who gets paid lots and lots and lots of money for pretending to be someone else and looking good has very little clout in my book. I don't value their opinions on politics. Brad Pitt earned a lot of respect from me once when a reporter asked him how he felt about one of Bush's policies and he replied "Why are you asking me? I'm just an actor."
  • Tim Geitner is going to be in charge of the IRS when he can't pay his taxes? Man, if I missed two-four years of not paying a tax that I signed a form for when I was first employed, the IRS would get me big time. And he paid up. He says it was an accident, a mistake. If it was a mistake, he should not be appointed because he doesn't know the most basics of tax code. And if he just "forgot" to pay the tax, then he's not a very good details man, and every job he has should be questioned. I wouldn't want him doing my monthly budget... And then there is Eric Holder. And Billary. I didn't care for the past, I'm anxious to see the future.
  • Obama is anti-guns.
  • ***Edit*** I forgot that he spent 125-150 million (some of it private donations, so the total is unclear) on the inauguration. Bush spent 44 million, Clinton spent 33 million. That is a whole lot of money that could have been used to fund some charitable enterprises.
Things I like:
  • Obama seems to make a lot of people feel good.
  • The one and only thing I heard him say that I agreed with was something about getting parents to be more responsible for their kids' education. That part of the No Child Left Behind Act has made me hate it from the start: TEACHERS are responsible for educating children with crappy home lives, dirty hair, hungry stomachs, and dilapidated early child care (whether the parents stay home or not the "child care" portion is what I'm talking about)... and no parental responsibility. Homework not done? Teacher's fault. Parents never meet the teacher? Teacher's fault.
So, on this "most important day in history" I am feeling morose. I will keep on, keepin' on, but I'm waiting for a president who says: "I'm not dressing up for no stinkin' ball. We're having a BBQ. Ribs, chicken, corn bread, and lemonade." And "it's freezing cold outside, so you 2 million people get smart now, and go home where it's warm." And I'd like to see not the military give a 21 gun salute (or whatever it is), but have the president get his own rifle and salute himself. Mostly, really truly, deep down in my heart, I'm thinking "Well, it won't be any worse for me, because I live in California. I probably won't notice any changes." Except for the national welfare system. I propose that central California become it's own nation. (Think about it: Access to the sea, almost ALL of the current nation's ag industry, some oil... we would be set!)

Last thought on ALL POLITICIANS: Not one of them will EVER answer a reporter's question with "Yes" or "No". NEVER. Ever.


  1. Well said. I felt very strange about the whole thing myself. Who did we elect Obama or the Beatles! He seems more rock star to me than President.

  2. You have a very eloquent way of saying things Karrie - thank you so much for sharing! We all need to be not only careful, but alert ... especially where blind adulation is concerned. There isn't a single place in history where that has actually worked out - in fact, historically speaking, if they person didn't start out being a crook then all of the "adulation" eventually went to their head and they ended up a crook (or, more pointedly, a dictator)

  3. Fun California Fact (which I am sure you already know) -- When I was teaching debate, 8 almost 9 years ago, California was the world's 4th largest economy. If divided across the middle... California would have been the 4th and 5th largest WORLD economies.

    Can I just tell you how hacked off I am that next month our state will mostly likely be officially bankrupt. From a major world economy to bankrupt in less than 10 years... it is just sad!

  4. Outstanding post. If you don't mind, I might link this on my blog. You said exactly what's been on my mind!

  5. Where to start? Way to go sister, I agree with you. I can remember several Afro-American crying when it was announced Obama won. I know it must have been amazing to see an Afro-American to become the president. But, he won because of color, not because he was the best candidate. Shame Shame Shame. Let’s wait for two or three years and let’s see how many will be is crying. I bet there will lots of people joining in. We elected (I didn’t vote for him,) a man to be our leader. He is supposed to have leadership skills to make very important and life threatening decisions, and does not have those skill. In my humble opinion. He is our commander in chief and that scares the crap out of me. Please mister terrorists, will you please give me some intel to help me save others and avert a catastrophe. Please mister terrorist will you just cooperate, please help us. Please bring back Ronald Reagan. By the way thank you Mr. Bush for standing by your ethics and integrity and serving this country. History will prove you to be an awesome president. Please remember the song by Lee Greenwood and sing it everyday – God Bless the U.S.A

  6. You're right Karrie, this is an historic day for two reasons: 1) We elected a HALF-WHITE President and
    2) We elected a President who is NOT a natural-born citizen. The Constitution was just tossed out the window and like you said "nobody seems to care." Thank goodness for the Gospel because this is a scary time for our great nation.

  7. I second that! Very well done Karrie. I am alot worried myself, when a president signs a presidential mandate to close a detainee camp before he maps out all the details like what to do with the detainees...hmmm. Also, I think we are prime for another attack unfortunately. I think the terrorists planned 9-11 to occur at an unstable point in the US. Pres. Bush was just settling in. Just learning the ropes. I think they plan on that. I fear it will be the same with Obama. Unfortunately, I don't think Obama is ready to handle it. Bush did very well under the circumstances I think. It was not an ideal solution entirely, but it was not an ideal situation either. Bush was not the greatest president we've ever had, he made mistakes in a tough job, but at least his moral standards were a little higher than a few other pesidents this country has had.

  8. I give it six months before people start to complain about Obama because he won't be able to magically fix everything. In some ways, I hope that he proves me wrong and that things are cheerio real soon. But I don't feel safe like I did with Bush. At least I knew he would go after the bad guy.

  9. Great Job Karrie! I've wanted to post the same thing but couldn't word it as perfect as you did. I'm going to link it on my blog! All I have to add is that it was all Jim Dandy to vote in a "black" president, but nobody even gave a "mormon" president the chance. Yet I KNOW Romney had a birth certificate and morals, values, ethics...

  10. I didn't think he would make it to inaugruation day. Probably wishful thinking. We can only hope the truth about his birth will be found and exposed. I agree with all you said, but just shut my eyes and ears to the whole thing and went to the temple on inaugruation day.