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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Trip

I promised myself I wouldn't write about our trip until the clothes were unpacked. Sadly, that took until this afternoon. AND, I forgot my camera. I had my cell camera, but that is still new territory for me and I'm figuring out how to get the pics off my phone and onto my computer. Yikes. Anyway, our trip was counted as a success. We ended up finding interior doors for our house, and a laundry sink. We found them at Santa Fe Salvage something or other. The doors have never been used- they were found in a garage. They are Mahogany, and 8 feet tall. The laundry sink is old fashioned porcelain. It's huge, and should make a good soaking/hand washing sink. Ryan stored them somewhere already, and if the phone pics never make it off the phone, I will post pics of them in storage! We went to IKEA in Carson. We wandered around the store and were most impressed with their wardrobe storage solutions. I like their style, but it's not the style of our house. It's very modern and sleek. We are going for old fashioned.
My favorite part of the trip was the king bed and endless hot water at the hotel. Get your head out of any gutter it just might have entered... Here in the trailer we have a queen bed. We've gotten used to it, but we both like to not touch each other while we sleep. Turns out I'm a cover hog, too. Another reason we sleep with our own blankets... Can't wait to get our king size bed back! Also, the endless hot water was oh-so-nice for showering. If you recall, it wasn't just a few days before we left that we had NO water. So endless hot water was fabulous. Also, we ate at Buca di Beppo and Claim Jumper- yum!
The worst part of the trip was trying to park Ryan's truck. Anywhere. Navigating was a pain- an F350 crew cab dually is NOT LA friendly. Also, LA made the worst parts of Bakersfield seem absolutely charming and safe.
Of course, the kids got sick while we were gone. We picked them up early Sunday morning and took them to Urgent Care, where three of them were given antibiotics. Will wasn't seen- he only had a fever for one day. Kacy has some throat/sinus thing, Jessie has a cough and ear infections, and Ed has bronchitis. I think I'm fighting it off because I am so tired. So, I take naps while they do- I can't afford the time to get sick. Who can, really?
My dad said that every time he and my mom went somewhere, SOMEONE always got sick while they were gone. They finally quit going places after a few years because it wasn't worth it. This was our first time anywhere by ourselves- we never went on a honeymoon or anything.


  1. Glad you found some nice stuff for the house. Even glader you had an opportuity to get away. Sorry the kids got sick, that's a bummer. Hope all is better.

  2. Hope the kids are getting better. I took my Airborne again and so far have escaped sickness. Jocelyn had to make another visit to the doctor yesterday. Oscar has strep. Jared a "red hot" ear infection, and Spencer, bronchial somthing or other. And they've already been on antibiotics. Ellen has something too, and we've been careful to keep her away from the kids.

  3. I'm glad you had a chance to get away with your hubby. That is crucial!