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Monday, January 26, 2009

Today I want to remember

Today I want to remember:
  • That Jessie is cutting two top teeth, and slept a lot.
  • That Kacy's teacher told me a story about Kacy. It goes a little something like this: Kacy's class is allowed to talk to their table-mates while doing certain activities. One of Kacy's classmates didn't have a table-mate and was talking to other people across the room. The teacher tells the girl (and the class) that she can pretend Casper the Friendly Ghost is sitting next to her, and she can talk to him. Kacy raises her hand and says "Mrs. Conner, the only ghost that is walking on this earth is the Holy Ghost." Later Mrs. Conner proceeds to "escort" Casper out of the room to say good-bye by opening the door and Kacy tells her "Mrs. Conner, you don't need to do that. Ghosts can go through doors and walls." Luckily, Mrs. Conner is a religious person who is in charge of her women's ministry something at whatever church she goes to.
  • That I lost my voice this morning, and feel stuffy, but at the same time, feel pretty good.
  • That Will peed in his pants in Vons this evening. Just prior to the "incident", I asked him if he needed to use the bathroom, and he said no. We went straight to the bathrooms anyway, and while looking for a quarter (to open the door with), he peed in his pants. I want to remember this, so if his wife ever says "He always waits until the last minute to do anything." I can say "He was always like that." And have proof.
  • That my kids think I have super powers: because I could hear Will blowing through his straw at Kacy and Kacy saying "Stop, Will!" and in the dark, without turning around, while still driving, I tell Will to stop blowing his stinky pizza breath through his straw all over his sister and I hear "How did she know that?" from the back.
  • That I had a meeting today with for the preschool project. Our second one. And the principal saw my CTR (Choose The Right) ring and said "I've never seen one like that before" and knowing that her 23 year old daughter recently was baptized and joined our church, and that her parents were not very happy about it... it was a weird moment, but I could honestly say that I had just met her daughter yesterday and she was nice and "Is she your oldest?" and "Our friend used to teach ag at the high school...". I hope she is still impressed with my skills, because a lot of my "skills" for meetings and organization came from different responsibilities in church. During the meeting I was given more assignments, but easy ones. And, after picking up my kids from Dany's house (I try to rotate my kids amongst the valley between my somewhat rare occasions for baby sitting, and I wanted to look at her horses- Thanks Dany!), we went to town to get formula for Jessie and Pizza for the kids (It was 6:15 or so). I decided today that I will not be working for awhile. It's too much, it's too late in the day, and the last thing I wanted to do was homework with Kacy and baths for the others. Not working outside the home for money yet. I'll reconsider when Jessie is in school.
  • That Ed tried wearing undies and just needs some serious training in the potty department. Here's my analogy: it's like knowing how to drive a manual transmission (stick-shift) verses ACTUALLY doing it. He is at the point that he can tell you where you should go (the toilet), he knows which muscles produce which functions, but he's not doing it. We are going to practice this week. I am prepared to do LOTS of laundry.
  • That Ryan told me that last night as he was sitting in his patrol car in our parking area turning off his radio and what not, he opened his door while still looking towards the passenger side and our 125 pound Great Pyrenees jumped on him and that George is lucky to be alive. Because he wasn't supposed to be out. And because you just don't go jumping onto an armed man in the pitch dark at midnight if you want to live.


  1. Your stories make me laugh and cry for you Karrie! This record will be PRICELESS in the years to come. George better watch his back, HA. Good luck with Ed this week.

  2. All that in just one day??? You make me so tired - I thought I was busy! Your posts always make me smile, I hope you were grinning when you were writing them. Let me know if you succeed with Ed ... I might have to send Ben your way!

  3. Sounds like your day just kept going after you left. No need to rotate kids Karrie, I will do it any time ALL the time. But I will say I am so sorry Kacy didn't get her homework done, neither did Sami or Trever. If I don't help the instant they get home it somehow slips my mind and NO ONE ever seems to remind me, till the next morning as they are walking out the door. (Next time I promise to make sure homework is DONE, bad bad babysitter) As for the horses, I asked Kyak if he liked you and of course, he shook his head yes. (he really does that and Karrie can testify)Another note: I HATE THE QUARTER/TOKEN BATHROOM THING AT VONS. I get why they do it, but I normally don't have a quarter (I have kids) and I feel stupid ASKING a clerk if I am allowed to go pee.And lastly, WOOHOOO Kacy! Way to spread the gospel!