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Friday, January 30, 2009

Whack-a-mole, Oreos, and F-words.

We have our 30 (yes, thirty) footings dug for our wrap around porch. Ryan told the Young Men in our ward that whoever came out to dig would get 5 bucks a hole. In my eyes, it was a sound investment because those boys got the job done lots faster than I could have. And, I offered. I don't mind digging. The kids have been playing in the holes; they love hiding and jumping in and out of them. As I sat there watching them today, it reminded me of the "Whack-a-mole" game.
After we get the kids out, rebar has to be put in each hole. Then, the cement truck comes out- again.
A couple of weeks ago I gave Jessie her first real cookie. It was a fudgy Oreo. I think she liked it. She took a bath right after this, and unlike Ed, did NOT feel the urge to wipe chocolate all over the wall behind her.

In other news:
I'm coming up on a full week of having some weird cold. My throat hurts! But, I'll take this any week over a sinus infection. There are a few things that don't seem like they sound that bad, but are really, really terrible. Sinus infections, tooth aches, and back aches. I've never really had the last two, but I like to eat and be able to move freely.
I completed our taxes today, and they were received AND accepted by the state and the IRS. Our refund should be here around Valentine's Day. I use TaxAct online, and have for the past5 years or so. It costs 16 bucks and it's easy. And, once you enter your info, it can import from year to year.
I went to Costco today with just the two little kids. It was super nice not having to wonder if the third was following me like he is supposed to. He stayed with Dad and did tractor work and cleaned up the construction site. When I go to Costco, I have to stop shopping because my cart is completely full. I really should use one of their flat bed type carts, but there is no where to put the kids.
Ed has a problem... he puts an "f" in front of many words, especially consonant blends. Like "fretzal", "frackers", "goin' fwimmin'"... he doesn't do it every time. Today I asked him if he wanted to go with me to get Kacy from the bus stop. He said "Nope. I frowin' rocks!" And he stayed outside with Ryan, "frowin' rocks."


  1. Fischer does the same thing with 'f'. Except he replaces the entire beginning consonant blend with it.... on almost EVERY word. He'd be going "fimmiming" or "fowing rocks". Let's just say the relatives have gotten a lot of mileage out of asking him to say "dump truck" The 'p' isn't there either. "Say Uncle Matt's a dump truck!"....Sooo classy!

    I hope you get feeling better soon. We all still have it over here. It is totally in my sinuses! Yuck!

  2. What a great post Karrie! Loved it.