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Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Kids Got Sent to Their Rooms Today!

Not really, as they don't have rooms, or even a "room". But, they were caught playing "house" on our house, and they were in their "rooms". Yesterday we outlined where all the walls are going to be. We made a few decisions: the interior walls are going to be 2x6 as well (the exterior ones are already going to be). A few interior walls were going to be 2x6 because they were "wet walls" where there is going to be a whole lot of pipes, vents, and water lines. A 2x6 wall gives more room for all those pipes. Then, we looked at how many walls were remaining, decided that there weren't that many, and we might as well make them all the same. It'll do a few things (besides raising the price slightly): it'll make the buying of wood a tad easier ("Hello. I need 4000 2x6's. please." Just kidding, I don't know how many we need.) Also, it makes the walls thicker (duh), and that just looks cool for door jambs and window openings. We also made two door openings bigger. Ryan is going to take a Sharpie to the white paint and mark all the window openings and sizes and what-not. It was a long project- building a house is so "technical". Whenever Ryan starts asking me something involving numbers, my brain starts to kind of hum to itself and my eyes start wandering. Don't tell him.

More gray hairs:
Last week Kacy came out of the bathroom and said, "Mom! Give me my choices of who I am going to marry." Last night she got out of the bath tub and said the same thing: "Mom! Give me my choices of who I am going to marry!" I said "Let's wait until you are 30."
"30? That's so old, mom!"
"Okay, how about 18?"
"That's much better. Oh! I am going to get married, and I need to start practicing changing diapers. Mom, can I change Jessie's diapers so I can practice? I really need to start practicing now. I have so much to learn!"


  1. again...man boys are SOO much different than girls! :)

    Love the painted rooms. I remember rollerskating on the cement in my room before the framing.

  2. I love watching the house turn into a house. Very cool. Aren't girls funny?!?

  3. Awesome, I was waiting for a house update.

  4. I'm putting in my vote for you to insulate the INSIDE walls of your house (especially the kids rooms). Are you doing that? That's my biggest want in a house should we ever decide to build one. I can't stand noise when I'm trying to finish sleeping!

  5. 18??????????? YIKES!

    I love seeing the floor plan for your house! So fun... to be able to make all of the decisions on every little detail. You are NEVER going to want to move from this dream home!

  6. Yikes! Building a house is a lot of work and stress! We just recently moved out of our small condo to the house we just built! It was so nice to get out of that cramped space...I can't imagine staying in the trailer! Hang in there. Fun blog!