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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Preschool- yes!

  • I went to the school board meeting last night, and they approved the moving forward of the preschool. Unfortunately, the principal/superintendent I'm working with is leaving. But she said she's commited to make sure this happens for the school. So, onward we go. Next step for her is to start the licensing process. Next step for me is apply for grants, get estimates, and prepare some financials.
  • I also talked to the board about starting a 4H club and they were more than willing to let us use the school facilities for free! And they pointed me to the two ladies who use to do it once upon a time. So I'll be calling them soon, too.
  • I sometimes read homeschooling sites and think "Oh! I should do that!" because it looks like fun. Then I look at my kids and think 'They are still in their PJ's and we've been up for nearly three hours already. And I have a baby. And then there is Ed. But, it would be nice to not have to worry about the bus. But this and that and the other way... blah, blah, blah." I go back and forth- luckily, the school they go to is good so far. And I've always thought that education is primarily the parent's responsibility anyway, so if the teacher is not good, I'll just supplement that year. And I'm providing my own extracurricular activities... WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?
  • Kacy is going to take art lessons twice a month in Bakersfield. I gave her a choice. We were walking home from the bus stop and I said "Hey Kacy, what would you say if I was thinking about letting you take a ballet class?" She said, "Maybe when I'm a teenager." (which is when she also plans on learning how to swim...) So, I quickly follow up with "Well, what would you think about art lessons?" And she immediately replies "Oh Mom! I would love it! When can I start?" So that's that. We are going to start art lessons soon, out in Rosedale. I figure I'll make those two days a month when I go shopping at Winco, which I should do anyway since I'd save more than the gas money to get there.
  • I am working on making my blog look "just so." But I'm not sure what "just so" looks like for me yet, so it's taking forever. Jocelyn is going to help me, as soon as I decide on the look. I've messed with HTML code before, and was successful, twice. The third time didn't work out so well and I quit. Not something I'm going to study...

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