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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ryan Says I Write Too Much

- well, his exact words were "Wow, honey. You write a lot." To which I reply, "Well, it is a journal. I don't care if other people read to the end. And you know, 40 years from now you will wish I had written more."

So much for brevity.

*I had play practice today, and I was less nervous about the singing. And, I improved in the area of "drama" ever so slightly. Wait, my eyes are rolling to the heavens as I think of what I look like on the stage. Another few weeks and I'll warm up enough to the reality of having to do this thing and then I won't care. And that's a good thing.
*Yesterday I had the most HORRIFIC experience with my children. It involved me playing the piano for a baptism and my children running around like monkeys. One of the girls took the older three out just as I was ready to burst into tears (while playing the piano and threatening my children). Two seconds later my "perfect baby" who is growing like a weed pulled herself up to the piano and started helping me play. Marcie came and got her for me. The baptism was after a morning filled with much stomping, throwing, fighting, and yelling. By the kids, not me. Until just before we left.
*Then we went and visited Amy and Gabby. The kids were "okay" there. After Amy's we went to Michael's Arts and Crafts to get some Valentine supplies, and then to Winco for a few things. After that we came home, where the kids laid around on the couch and played quietly with toys. Figures.
*Ed had a great day in the potty dept. He stayed dry all day, and even told me when he needed to go, twice. Now, if he would just find me for the "other" part.


  1. Hey we went to hang out with you guys yesterday and you weren't there. What's up with that? Of all the Sunday’s to pick not to come down. Sad for me. Please tell the kids I missed them, I guess we will see you next time.

    Ps writing is good, but pictures say it all.

  2. There is no such thing as writing too much... I love reading your blog. I would like to say I missed being at practice Sunday, but... I guess it'll probably show next week when I go back, and everyone is ten steps ahead of me instead of just eight.