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Monday, February 2, 2009

Sorry State

Dear Arnold and state legislators:
I'm sorry. It seems that I overspent and just don't have the money to pay my taxes this year. In order to remain solvent, I am instead going to pay my overdue bills. I'm sure you'll understand.

***Go ahead and keep my refund until May- then you'll owe me 5% interest (and still won't pay me).
***California is a wreck right now financially. I will maybe research how to make central California the 51st state. Unless DC is, because they have their own Miss America. So does Puerto Rico... so the 53rd state? And, instead of complaining, I decided today that I want to run for something. I think I'll start with school board, then county supervisor, and make my way up. The only problem is I'm too conservative- sort of. AND I hate meetings that go around in circles with lots of BLAH BLAH BLAH and no action. And, well, I'm ornery and stubborn. But I do listen to other people, and I appreciate a good argument, even if i don't agree with the premise. But I don't like meetings...oh, the things that run through my mind while driving in my car. I spend to much time there.
***I took Jessie to Urgent Care today for her goopy eyes, green nose, cough, ear infection, and 102 fever. Turns out an ear infection with a snotty nose clogs up your head and makes your eyes leak snot. And then your tear ducts get infected and cause a high fever. I am hoping she sleeps through the night tonight. (5am is too early for a spoiled mommy...)


  1. Amen sister! I should've bought my house with an IOU! Where can I get one of those?

  2. I would vote for you - I hope you do run. We have too many people that DON'T make a difference - if would be nice to have someone that will.


    I have a friend here who's son had the whole snot thing this winter - I had never heard of it before but now I have twice. I hope your daughter feels better soon. 6 more weeks of winter and then everyone will start feeling better (fingers crossed!!)

  3. Karrie I am so sorry, I totally missunderstood your big IOU. I thought th IOU meant Obama Is Ugly.

  4. So I am dyslexix. IOU - Is Obama Ugly. Yes he is.

  5. I hope Jessie is feeling better, and you get the sleep you need! And do you think we can charge the state "Late Fees"???