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Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Week

Kacy got her ears pierced on Thursday. On her way to her art lesson we stopped at the mall and did it- she got quieter and quieter as she climbed into the chair. I picked out the little studs for her ears, as I did not give her a chance to pick out the sparkly fake diamond flowers they had. They pierced both ears at once, and she jumped when they did it. About a second after it was over, she looked so relieved and said, "Ow, that hurt a little!" The lady who did it asked Will if he wanted to get his done, and he gave her a crazy look and said "Nooo! That's for girls!" Then she asked Kacy if Jessie was going to get her ears pierced, and Kacy told her, "Not until she can decide for herself."

Jessie learned to climb our stairs this weeks. We have a total of three steps, and they are rather steep, and she is like a mountain goat in her skills. I hate it. See below.
The girl is not so skilled while sitting up the stairs. She turns herself around and sits her bottom on... nothing. She has fallen down badly three times. Today I saw her bounce down...I've nearly had a heart attack every time it's happened so far. (Twice yesterday, and once today.) Ed did the same thing, and Will did, too. PS- The laundry was clean and folded shortly after, and the gallon of water is in case another part of our well falls apart. It seems that cast iron will crack wide open under just the right circumstances.
We got some cement poured today with the "help" of Jimmy and David. I say "help" because when I went out there they were arguing over dumb things and calling each other names. It's good entertainment. They also "helped" my second child eat cement: they told a four year old, who idolizes them, that cement tasted like chocolate. (Dear Jimmy and David: Your deeds are being recorded and will be repaid in full. Sorry, Lindsey.)

In other news:
  • I've been reading this week, and ignoring my blog. I still haven't fixed it yet to my liking. I haven't even attempted.
  • I have decided against homeschooling. I always make lists, and use pros and cons. The pros to homeschooling were very enticing and numerous, but the weight I assigned to both the pros and cons weighed the short list of cons as the winner. So, without going into my deep philosophies, I will say that our children will attend public school, and for my own amusement and their development, we will study at home and take lots of field trips. For example, I want to take them to the Trial of 100 Giants. We will learn about the trees, study a few words to enhance our vocab, and then go see them. We will do the same for trains as we are going to Sacramento this summer to meet with an old friend of mine and her children. We'll probably study shells before we go to the beach. Or something like that. And then, when they are all in school, I will sit in front of the TV and watch Days and eat Bon Bons. Just kidding. I'll be busy doing laundry and running the hills.
  • I got my knee brace and new running shoes yesterday and gave them a whirl today. I have not run since I found out I was pregnant with Jessie, when I got nauseous and it was 110 degrees. It's been almost two years (Aach!). I love it. I'm not good, and my knee brace was hard to get used to. But, I'll get better with time. If I can find the time.
  • The books I read this week? A Thomas Jefferson Education (and I skimmed the two accompanying books) and Eldest, the second in the Inheritance series. I read Eragon last week, and hope to read the last title this week. I love to read more than I love running, and I particularly enjoy a good fantasy book. The books have dragons and magic and elves and whatnot, and I like that, because it's NOT REAL. It's a good escape from realism. I know, there is some eye-rolling going on, thinking "Ew! Sci-Fi? Fantasy? What a nerd!" Yeh, so what? I ALMOST make being a nerd cool. Almost. Which reminds me of my hair appointment:
  • I got my hair cut this week and while sitting in the chair with this new-to-me hair dude, I had old insecurities try to rear their ugly head. Like, when he made the connection that I'm related to Jocelyn, he launched into the "Oh, I had a few friends that were Mormon" thing, telling me about how he hung out with them and what they did, like they were so different than anyone else. I don't know, maybe they were. Also, he went to a completely different high school I did where there was a sizable amount of "Mormons", so it was completely different from where I went. There were 4 of us in my year, one boy, a girl I didn't know who went to church in Wasco and went by two different names, one for church and one for school, which I thought was weird, me, and the girl who hated my guts. No, really, she hated me from head to toe. Ask anyone. Also, I was reminded I'm a "natural" girl who doesn't wear a lot of make-up, and in that salon that day, it was a negative. AND the guy cutting my hair was way too flattering. It made me a little uncomfortable. But, I guess I like my haircut, and that's what counts, right? I just feel flustered when I feel like I will have to apply more eye-liner so as not to call attention to the fact that I'm "natural". I'm okay the way I am, dang-it! I am, I am!


  1. Your husband tried to get me to jump off grandma's roof at that age, his deeds are being repaid in full.

  2. LOL!!!! I believe her name is Juana Veronica. She went by Vero at school right? DId you know she dated Jared (mi esposo) and that is when I first met him (I was like 13 or so) but didn't remember that until after we were married. I wanna know who hated you??? I like you just the way you are too. Don't change a thing my friend. Did your mom or Kendra tell you I moved back into Rosedale ward? I am just around the corner from mom. I am excited to see tu casa when it's all done.

  3. Kacy's smile looks gigantic! Such cute ears, she got the guts long before me..I waited till I was 16!

    To David and Jimmy - Ditto

    I'm glad homeschooling is off your to-do list. I like your new desision a lot better. ;)

    I can't wait to see your hair and hear all about what you thought of Issac.

  4. How come there are no pics of your new 'do? Do I need to bring a camera to church today????? I am glad you are enjoying the books - they are some of my favorites too. I also got new shoes yesterday ... I will try them out tomorrow!

  5. Please reconsider "pay back" since you're talking about Sarah! David and Jimmy suffered a lot in their younger days for Ryan's amusement. It's so nice that he's grown up (into a terrific guy) and doesn't play those pranks anymore. Or does he??

  6. You are fabulous--have I told you that lately? Let me know when you go to the Trail of the 100 Giants, I have been wanting to take the boys up and do that!

  7. I didn't finish that bulleted item before I commented. Do you watch Days for real? Because I do!

  8. Ummm, I didn't read everything, but I have to comment that Jessie looke like Sara-Jane to me!

  9. Kacy looks so cute and happy. Good for her and her earrings. Those boys are going to get what coming to them form their own children. It will be good. We are going campng in Sequoia this summer, you need to bring the kids up to see General Sherman tree, Crystal cave, Morro Rock, Tharp's log, and some fun fishing wiht uncle dandy. Just ask the "D" boyes if there is fish in Sequoia!!!

  10. I want to hear how yu came to the decision not to homeschool... I'd love to see your pros and cons list.