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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Because This Picture Makes Me Happy

We had a busy day today. And at the end of it all, on our way home, this is what Jessie looked liked. Her sippy cup and dinner are between her legs- she looks content. And, a little goofy. The goofy part is what makes me happy.

Today we went to the Pizza Barn for playgroup, where the boys made little pizzas. We came home, where I learned how to use a hammer drill. Fun times! We have 60 holes to drill. When Kacy got off the bus we made a mad dash to Bakersfield and went to Target for a new broom and some undies- Ed is GOING to wear them! No more pull-ups. Then we went to Costco. I followed a lady out the door who had one kid, one box of Pepsi, and a container of apples. I envied her restraint- she spent less than $20! Not me- I'm always THRILLED when I leave a store having spent less than $100.00.

Kacy asked me how CD's are made- how the music gets put on there. I started to explain but very quickly just told her it was magic. Because it is. How voices travel over wires and sound the same, or airwaves for that matter, and how light/lasers put info on a disc (is that even right?), and how the Internet works- it's all magic. I understand all about servers and whatnot, put honestly it is just overwhelming to my brain, so it is going in the "magic" category.

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  1. I love the idea of magic CDs! I too understand the concept, but not the actual working of such things. Besides, does anyone REALLY know how a combustion engine works?... definately magic!

    The picture of Jessie is adorable. I wish I could relax like that whilst traveling. However, I am sure the other drivers appreciate that I don't stretch out so marvelously. =)