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Monday, March 23, 2009

Conversations with kids.

-I pick up my nephew Benjamin, who's eight, to take him to art lessons. I have to move papers and my bag out of his way (again) so he can sit in the passenger seat.
"Aunt Karrie, why is your car always messy?"
"Because we travel a lot and have to take lots of supplies with us."
"Oh. Where did you go, Antarctica?"

-After the play, we get in the car, and the first thing Will says is "Mom, did you say OIL in the play?" I reply "Ya."
"That's so weird. OIL." And, to say OIL properly, like he did, you really have to emphasize the "oi" sound, and get a little throaty. And then laugh to yourself like it's some kind of joke that a girl would put OIL in a lamp. Because, everyone knows OIL is for motors.

-In the car I hear Kacy say "I like horses." Ed joins in the conversation:
"I like tie-yo-tees."
"You like coyotes, Ed?"
"Ya, I do."
"Tuz dey fast runners."
And then when he's sitting on the potty (we do that a lot right now...) I asked him why he liked coyotes again because it was so cute how he said they were fast runners. He replies: "I like dem betuz I scare them. I run fast, too."

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  1. Ha! I can hear Benjamin saying that. You should've told him it's because not everyone is OCD like his dad:)

    Ok and tonight I took the YW to the family history center and one of the "old ladies" there is a relative of Ellen Bunting... cra-zy small world!