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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Jessie!

Jessie turned one year old yesterday! She got lots of clothes for her birthday-yay. The cute dress above was made by Jocelyn. I benefit from her having four boys in that my girls get cute dresses- she made a matching one for Kacy. Here is what Jessie is like now: she still puts everything in her mouth. She especially loves to chew on Lego tires. Her favorite foods are cheeseburgers and fries, as well as quesadillas. She has no interest in walking. She'll fight the bigger kids if she wants what they have. She is finished with bottles. She has 5 teeth- can't wait for the sixth so she's symmetrical again. She loves to be outside, and dirt doesn't bother her. I have no idea what she weighs or how tall she is- she goes to the doctor on Friday. She is super duper good in Primary (where I am every Sunday). She likes to sit on her "adopted aunt" Terrie's lap while I'm busy playing the piano or on the Sundays I have Sharing Time. She is leaving the "perfect baby" stage, and is now asserting herself. When she gets mad she throws herself back- I then put her on the floor and let her work it out herself. She seems very watchful and observant, sometimes the looks she gives me crack me up. I'm so glad she's my kid!


  1. I CANNOT believe she is 1 already! That is just craziness! She is adorable! Hugs!

    PS Our spring break is the week of March 23-27, don't ask me why? When is yours?

  2. What a cute little dress! Jocelyn has great taste. I can't believe Jesse is already a year old and I am in awe that you have lived in your trailer that long. You are amazing! Hang in there with Ed

  3. Not sure how that happened....HAPPY...

  4. ppy Birthday Jessie! So cute!!! Love the birthday dress...much butter than a birthday suit!

  5. She is so cute and I loved reading all about her! So, now when is baby number five????