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Monday, March 9, 2009

How can one close a head wound? Let me count the ways!

Ed sustained a head wound at church yesterday. Story: He refused to go to primary. He hung out in Primary with me. I sat down to play the piano and he ran out the door. My friend (who shall remain nameless because she feels horrible about it and I don't want to cause her anymore grief) went to chase Ed because, of course, he ran out the door. Well, she ran out the same door, and while the door was being opened Ed was running INTO it. The edge of the door clocked him on the noggin. It gave him a bit of a swollen eye, and a smallish gash that needed some medical attention. I took him across the street to the hospital, where a doctor used Dermabond to seal up the wound. Was I bothered that no gloves were worn? A tad. Anyway, after one and a half hours in the ER, he was glued up and we went back to the church for play practice. We then went to Bakersfield to visit with the family and while there his wound opened up again. I used a butterfly bandage to close it up, but after talking to Ryan, I took him to ANOTHER ER in Bako because of the nasty scar factor. This ER also has an Urgent Care attached to it, so we were triaged into the Urgent Care. That was NICE. The doctor there put in three stitches. That was NOT FUN. They mummy wrapped him in a sheet and a nurse and I held him down. He kept screaming things like "I don't like doctors! I don't need to see a doctor!" and my personal favorite "I not broken! I not broken don't fix me!" He HATES being restrained. That trip only took 2 hours (including driving time), and I'm grateful it was pretty quick! This morning he woke up and we showed Ryan his stitiches. He ate breakfast, and then when I set him on the potty, I noticed his stitches fell out. He only had three to begin with, and two of them are gone. It's not like he ripped them out- it looks like they were never there. Maybe the Dr. didn't tie the knots good enough? He'll probably have a gnarley scar, but it's in his eyebrow. Plus, he's a guy, so it adds "character", right? I really don't want to drive 1.5 hours again (one way) for a hideous doctor visit.
Some Sunday emergency room observations:
  • First ER: got to sit in the labor/delivery "room". Now I know why Ryan told me to go live with my mom as my due dates neared- it was SO OLD and was a storage room with the special table. Gross.
  • Met a girl and her mother who nearly blew herself up trying to light her propane heater. She has no eyebrows and was there to get her dressing changed on her arm. She recognized Ryan: "Hey, you look familiar." Ends up he had arrested her ex, who is now doing time.
  • Second ER/Urgent Care: In the ER lobby it seemed like a party- there were seriously tons of people there with no visable signs of distress. There must have been a car crash of something, but my thought was: hanging out in the ER lobby is gross. You would be safer from all the nasty germs at home. They'll give you call if anything happens. Seriously, what can you do in the lobby? Nothing.
  • I think I was in the same room with a real, live prostitute. I won't go into the details of her phone conversation I overheard ( I'm sorry, but there are certain words you hear in public and think "What? What did I just hear?"), because it would be embarassing. I know why she was there, and it had to do with a "flare-up". TOO MUCH INFORMATION!
  • Ed saw a brochure with a bunch of nurses/doctors on it, and said "Hey Mom! There is a picture of you!" as he pointed to the lady with dark curly hair. I told him that wasn't me, and he said "Yes it is. She has fuzzy hair, and you have fuzzy hair."


  1. Poor Ed! You are right, if he does have a scar he will just look distinguished. Funny how men get away with that sort of thing.

  2. (((Hugs))) It sounds like you could use them. For 5 years we have had no health insurance, with four boys you have to get creative. When I worked for Kaiser the doctor I worked with said to just Super Glue it together. Pretty much the same idea as Derma Bond. So over that 5 year time span Super Glue became our #1 first aid kit item. LOL! Cuts on the brow at that age usually don't scar too bad, so he should be ok. Thanks for the visit Thursday. How long did it take you to catch ED?

  3. I think gnarly scars on the forehead are great. I'll show you mine next time I see you.

  4. My kids prefer gnarly chin scars. Gordon has two; the first he got while with his daddy at a baseball game. G-Whiz fell off the bleachers and with a thud his the cement. His second scar is from falling at school and splitting his chin. I was the super-bad mom that didn't take him to the doctor right away. 4 hours later he got glued back together.

    Zachary has a lovely half-circle shapped scar on his chin. He fell whilst riding his scooter and landed on the handle bar. I got grilled because Zach is a bit shy and wouldn't answer the doctor's questions. The doc started to ask all kinds of accusatory questions... he was suspecious that Zach looked to me when asked anything. Hmmm, maybe it just hurt to talk having a cut from your chin to lip? Nah...

    No worries, scars are cool and girls dig them. ;)

  5. see I told you I would super glue it shut! Scars are cool, just ask Jimi. Besides he can make up any story he wants when he's older. He can say when he was 3 he saved Jessie from a bobcat and got away with just that little cut. But you should see the bobcat! Jimi just says she was attacked by a shark that cut her in half. (cause the truth is what... boring? I think not)

  6. Ok, I just left a super long comment and it just vanished! Ugh.

    About my running:

    I do most of my running in the evenings outdoors around our neighborhood. We have miles of running paths that are just perfect and the weather here is mild enough that you can run outdoors in the evening all year around. I have a friend who has been my running partner since the start of my training. She's great and has got me through some very tough runs. I hate running on the treadmill! I do have a gym membership and will run on the treadmill for my short runs (under 4 miles), but it's really boring. I ran 6 miles on it a few weeks ago and it was TORTURE!

    Running has been an escape for me and really, it's cheaper than therapy. Having 6 kids is a lot harder than I let on. It's been a real trial for me to balance everything and the way I keep sane is through excercise. And, I just feel healthier.

    Did that answer your questions? I would love some of your advice on eating for energy. Any thoughts?

  7. Aren't emergency rooms the best?!? Glad he is o.k. and with being a boy--scars are fashionable! What does next week look like for you for the Giant Sequoias trip?