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Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to Raise a Redneck Child



  1. Welders make lots of money, redneck would be if he was trying to weld with a lighter.

  2. You are right- and funny! I look at this picture and think "career". And if not career, then a really handy hobby. Ryan said he looked like a redneck because not only is he welding in the dirt, he's got cowboy boots and camo pants whilst wearing his carhartt jacket. The only thing that would make it better would be if the camo pants were actually overalls and he had a wife beater on. I love readnecks, because I am one. Our little family has more disabled vehicles than I care to admit to.

  3. I would have called this one "raising a kid who can actually help" and think it's fun... when you live in the dirt there comes a point you just have to embrace it redneck or not!

  4. He'd get along great with our orphan children. I was just talking to another friend about "those" mom's that ALWAYS have the cutest kids with their hair all perfectly done wearing clothes with no dirt stains... how do they do it? I think I'm on the ball if I blow dry the girls hair and attempt to flat iron before it gets "too hot mom". What I'm trying to say is... he's a cutie!!!