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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Ready for Spring

I am ready for Spring to be here! I feel like I get more done when the weather is nice. It is still really cold here in the mornings. I take Kacy to the bus stop at 7am and it is still fairly dark. And, the last few mornings have been 25 degrees and under. Here is what is going on the last few days:
  • I discovered Bakerella and her very cool cake pops. There are some done as Hello Kitty, and I am going to try it out for Kacy's birthday. If they turn out half as cute as hers, I'll be pleased. So many cute ideas- after looking at her site, I went outside and stood in my "kitchen" in our new house. I imagined all the counter space. I pictured myself making cool things and letting the kids help me. (I don't let them right now. The trailer kitchen is JUST TOO SMALL.)
  • Ryan and I spent the day yesterday discussing windows. He went shopping today to check some out. This is after he changed his mind concerning the idea of making his own windows. I, for one, am relieved. He could do it, but making the windows would take a long time. Time is really important to me now. The reason he considered making the windows is because we want all wood windows, and the price of a double hung wood window for the size we need is $900.00 a piece. Now we are getting all wood casement windows. We know the prevailing thought is "Wood? Those are gonna rot!" and I have two replies to this: ALL of our windows will have MINIMAL exposure to moisture and sunlight, as we have a 12 foot wrap around porch. And, my grandma's house in Idaho was built in 1916, and when I was last there in 1998 or so, the all wood windows exposed to the snow and sun were still operable. They will last our life time, and whoever gets the house after us can deal with it if they need fixing. Besides, they look so good.
  • Ed's head is on the mend, and Will came down with a mysterious fever last night. It was really high- 104.1 was the highest at one point. I have an ear thermometer and do both ears twice for an average, because if you don't get it in there just right, it's all wacky in the reading. He got a tepid shower which he thought was horribly cold, but that, and some Tylenol, did the trick. His fever now is in the 100-101 range. Much better!
  • I am playing the piano for Ward Conference as an accompanist, and I'm stressed. It's a hard song, and as of last night I was still messing up. The kids don't care, and the chorister says I'm doing fine, but holy-moley they could use someone better! This is worse than being in the play, and for that I have to sing by myself! I think the difference is that when I sing, my voice is my voice and it's not going to get any better. I'm stuck with it. But with the piano, I know I could play better if I just practiced. Kind of hard when my piano is in storage... it's my type-A coming out.
  • The 5k fun run I'm registered for (the morning of the play) is coming up, and I'm not confident that I'll meet my goal of being able to run the whole time without stopping. My plans for running are just not working out for me. In the back of my mind, the overly optimistic Pollyanna in me is saying "Maybe it'll be easier to run on flat pavement. Maybe running two miles in the sand with some small hills is equivalent to running three miles on pavement." Then I realize I'm only leading myself on. My friend Lisa from college once took me on a five mile run, and I balked when she suggested it. She reassured me that anyone can run for that long if they go slow enough. Well, I did it. I was behind her most of the way, especially at the end, but I ran the whole way. Too bad I'm not 18 again... but I'm glad I'm not. 18 was a mostly stupid year for me.


  1. I agree. I get so much more done when its warm outside.

  2. I'm ready for spring too. Actually, it's pretty much been Spring for months around here.

    You can totally run 3 miles without stopping! It was only 6 weeks ago that I couldn't run one mile without feeling like crap and now I'm running 10 without stopping. It feels like such a huge accomplishment. Let me know how it goes. We'll have to swap advice.

  3. Oooo some crazy virus is going around right now. I Know lots of people who are spiking fevers for a day or two and then feel better for a day or two and then wham! Another fever with deep chest cough. Some have been diagnosed with pnuemonia others with just a cold. I hope he gets well soon.

  4. Let me just say that you can SOOOO do that 5K! You are going to be awesome! AND let me also say that I loved when you ran with me and I was a bit faster... because it was the ONLY thing that I could do slightly better than you! Let's not forget which one of us rocked at women's rugby... it wasn't me! The coach wouldn't even put me in when you were in the middle of having an asthma attack! He knew you would still be better than me even if you weren't breathing! You will totally rock at this... and if I'm not mistaken, haven't you completed a triathalon before? Hello? You've got skills and determination, stop doubting yourself!

  5. you definately have determination, and for some dumb reason it rubs off on me! How do I get roped into doing these things with you? They really sound fun when I first hear about it, but that's before me loosin my voice and kids being sick and everything else in the world! I'm going to try to run as much as possible, maybe I'll surprise myself, and we can sing while we run!

    Oh yeah... you play the piano great!