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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No Preschool

I found out today that there will be no preschool this fall. I'm bummed. The reason is that the state awards contracts on a competitive RSA basis and new contracts have been closed for a year, and it looks like they won't open again for another year. So, maybe next fall? In the mean time, the principal I am working with is going to another district in the area. Who knows if the next principal/superintendent will want to mess with it? The state contract analyst put down my info and said she'll call when new money becomes available. Part of me says that I should go ahead and open one anyway, private sector, referring low income families to Community Connection for Child Care for subsidies. I've got a plan. A potential place. A little money. There is no preschool within 25 miles! The other part of me says that I will have two kids in school next year and might like a little quiet time. Then ANOTHER part of me says "But, you can help these poor children who come to school and don't know up from down!" and it goes on and on. Ed and Jessie could go with me. I could employ a few people. I could help some families by providing reliable, safe, high-quality child care/preschool. Or, I could relish some quiet time at home. I could grocery shop with only two kids. I am going to go contemplate my existence now. (Thinking about this will keep me up tonight. Hopefully writing it down will help calm my brain that has been analyzing every possible point for the last eight hours.)

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