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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trailer Life Cake Balls

I tried something new for me. Yet, I did it the SAME OLD WAY I do things every time I try something new. I don't know if it's country life or a personal problem. Here's the story. My dad's birthday is today. We are celebrating with the family down in Bakersfield tomorrow. I called the candy store that sells yummy fudge to see when they closed. The answering machine said they closed at 4pm, so I was a bit disappointed when I arrived at 2:30pm and they were closed. Apparently they are NOT open on Saturdays at all. So, what does one do? What kind of birthday gift do you get a 50 something dad who buys himself what ever he wants? He's a mechanic by trade (although at this point in his career he is mostly "boss" on the phone) so no cheesy tools. And, he's remodeling his house. Again, no cheesy tools. (I can't afford to give the men in my life the tools they really want!) Up here we have a few hardware stores, a Vons, a Rite-aid, and some eating places. SO, I decide to try my hand at cake balls.
I have a toaster oven, so I opt to buy a cake at the store. All they had that were close to the right size were angel food cakes. I picked up a reduced sugar can of frosting because it was on sale, not because I was pre-thinking ahead about the sweetness of the cake. I dipped the things in melted chocolate chips, because the largest grocery store in 50+ square miles doesn't carry almond bark. They had a teeny-tiny "dipping chocolate" cup that was really expensive. Well, I put it all together, and I doubt these are like they are supposed to be. The middles are REALLY sweet. My cake balls are less cake and more candy. And the melted chocolate chips seemed really thick. Anyway, I "almost" follow recipes every time I do anything. Sewing? Check. Baking or cooking? Check. It seems I "make do" a lot, and no wonder it doesn't quite turn out exactly how it's supposed to. I did eat one, and they are good. If you like really sweet things. The kids sampled, and they LOVED them.
Happy Birthday Dad! You're getting cake balls for your big day! If you don't like them, give them to Mom. She's got a wicked sweet tooth. And if they are too sweet for her, give them to the grandkids. They will eat 'em up!


  1. I bought all the stuff today to try these! I think if you made them taste great with all the changes they would be FANTASTIC for round 2 with the Hello Kitty's. While checking out at winco....with almond bark, the cashier asked me if I knew they sold the candy coating chips in the bulk bins? UM.....no I didn't. So thats gonna be on my list in 6 months when I make it out there again.

  2. I hardly ever follow a recipe exactly. sometimes it works out great and sometimes not, but either way I know it's mostly my creation. Allrecipes has a great substitution list for just about every thing you might need. The cake balls look really good, in a dessert that matters almost as much as the taste... too sweet is not a bad thing!

  3. Sorry to barge right in. I am starting a new social website called www.wascotopia.com.
    I was searching blogs for mentions of Wasco and found one on yours. Since you like to blog and seem to know folks in Wasco please visit the new site and join up if you are so inclined. We can always use new bloggers.
    Thanks, Brian

  4. I just felt inclined to let you know I am a blog stalker of yours. You crack me up, and I love to read your funny stories! I can truly relate to you with my own crazy bunch. I actually grew up with your husband and SIL, and I know your sister Kendra and we have a few of the same friends. I stumbled across your blog awhile ago, and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the way you write and do things!

  5. I love that you do it your way...I do too! Makes life interesting! They look yummy...looks like I need to go to the store!