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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Warning: Bragging about a kid (for posterity)!

Here is my oldest. She's going to be six soon, and I love her very much. She cracks me up, and in true first born daughter style, she is doing well in school. She loves going so much. Her favorite thing in school is recess so she can talk to her friends. We have parent-teacher conferences tomorrow, and I can't make it (because of Ed. He is just NOT fun in public when we have to wait for something...) so I talked to her teacher a little today. She told me the thing she is working on with Kacy is that it's okay to be wrong. She won't take risks if she thinks she might get the wrong answer. This may impede her future estimating and hypothesis skills! But really, if that is her biggest concern with Kacy, I'm happy. Her teacher also asked the kids what their addresses were, and apparently Kacy didn't know hers. Only one kid in the class knew it. When I went in to work in her classroom, one of the little girls came up to me and said "Is it really true that Kacy doesn't know her address?" Her teacher told the little girl to sit down and then turned to me and said, "I think the class is a little shocked that Kacy didn't know the answer to something." My reply was, "Well, surprise! Kacy's not perfect!" Later that day when she got off the bus, the first thing she said was "Mom! What's our address?!" I have a fellow type-A on my hands. Excellent. May she use her powers for good!

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  1. Alexis is the same way. Too afraid to be wrong, and she is such a people pleaser. I think our oldest kids are just like us. Why is that? My second is sooo different. She is more like Jared. It is kinda cool to have a little me. I know how she will react to things and what she will say or do before she does. I just hope we can get rid of some of my bad traits that have been passed down to her.