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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Will in the Middle

Dear Will,
You are truly a middle child. And for that, I'm sorry. Sometimes I feel like you are a bit neglected in receiving my attention. Kacy is always talking and asking questions (and explaining), Ed always needs me trying to keep him safe, and Jessie is still a baby and gets to be held and cuddled all the time. You? You are funny. You do goofy dances with your body. You know all the words to Primary songs, but you will only sing "I Am a Builder" because it talks about building things. You are very observant. Today I said "Hey, that tractor looks like ours!" and you reply, "No, ours has rectangle headlights." I never noticed, but you seem to notice every little thing. Today you told me you want to be a motorcycle driver when you grow up. "Like on the hills, Mom!" You are getting ready for Kindergarten this Fall, and can't wait to go. You have been known for your "tender heart" because you are keyed into other people's emotions, and you yourself shed a tear or two (or three...) almost daily. Okay, I think it is daily. You are as stubborn as the rest of us. (Curses!) When you sit in the front seat of the car, you do things like adjust the air vents, touch all the buttons, and you crave to have the window down. You just don't understand that anything below 40 degrees is just too cold, even for the driveway. You put the sun visor down and adjust the mirror so you can see behind us. You still don't like to wear graphics on your shirts. You are becoming a good worker and helper. You are growing up nicely, and I can count on you to be a good example (most of the time). I'm sorry you seem to have inherited some dorkiness from me- don't worry, I'll always think your dorkiness is cool! I love you, Will!


  1. I love when you write to your kids. It is such a sweet momento for them later. Will looks EXACTLY like you!

  2. What a cute little boy. He is always ready to give that big smile of his. He looks cool in his Dr Seuss hatt. I guess that makes him "The Will in the hat".