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Monday, April 20, 2009

Cake Pops, take two!

I made these last weekend, and no, I did not have the white styrofoam block to put these in to make them perfect. (You dip them, and then stick them in the block so they dry all nice and smooth.) They tasted great though. They are my kids' new favorite treat. I made the insides chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. The coating is white candy melts, and the melts worked better than straight chocolate because it's a touch thinner.
Jessie had a few uncoated ones, and this is what she looked like when I told her "No" as she pointed to the whole batch and grunted. What a mean mommy she has! (For taking the picture and memorializing this great moment in Jessie-history.) This incident reminded me how different baby girls are from boys: tell a girl no, and she cries and takes it personally. Tell a boy no, and they smile at you and poke it with a stick. (Whatever "it" is. Could be anything.)


  1. I had to laugh at your baby boy/girl comparison, SO TRUE! And is it just my kids or do boys throw things at you when you ask for something to be handed to you and girls nicely hand it to you? It's driving me crazy!?

  2. You had me at cake pops!

    That look on Jessie's face is PRICELESS!!

  3. Love Jessie's face. When are you going to bring me one of those pops?